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Established in Jun 2009 and located in Taoyuan. ICP is dedicated to apply the thin film & lithography process on Alumina/Aluminium Nitride substrate to make passive and circuit components. With both circuit design and processing capabilities, ICP can offer OEM/ODM manufacturing service for products with circuits on ceramic substrate.  

With over 10 years of thin film components developing experience, The team members in ICP have already set up the 3rd generation OEM/ODM manufacturing service line. The line combines vacuum thin film deposition, lithography processing, electrodeposition and chemical deposition. ICP can provide design and manufacturing services including, LED heat sink substrate , thin film passive/circuit protection integrated components, metallization of ceramic/silicon substrate, flip chip package substrate and thin/ thick film/ electro-deposition/ electroless-deposition integration processing.   OEM/ODM Manufacturing Service Ceramic DPC metallized substrate design and manufacturing     Al2O3 substrate DPC Metallized     AlN substrate DPC Metallized     Silicon wafer DPC Metallized   LED Heat-dissipation ceramic substrate manufacturing     LED Al2O3 thin film DPC substrate     Al2O3 thick-film heat-dissipation substrate     LED AlN thin film DPC substrate     LED AlN thick-film heat-dissipation substrate   Flip chip substrate manufacturing     The integration of the thin film, thick film ,electrode plating and electroless plating process.     Design and manufacturing of the thin film passive device      –   Thin film resistor      –   Thin film chip resistor      –   Thin film current sensing resistor      –   Ulta-low capacitance ESD suppressor (<0.03pF)   Application of the Manufacturing Process     High power LED ceramic substrate     Flip chip /eutectic substrate manufacturing     HCPV heat-sink of the solar cell     Integrated passive/protect Device     Sensor ceramic substrate     ESD/EMI protect design     Thin film passive/protect devices   Manufacturing technology     Thin film deposition technology     Photo lithography technology     Electrode/electroless plating technology     Micro-pattern design and manufacturing integrated technology