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Product issuing date:2011-08-02
Product valid date:Not limited

CR100-650L Downlight

Manufacturer Cree Package Type Recessed, surface and pendant-mounted downlights

Product:            CR100-650L Downlight

Supplier:            Cree

Light output:       650lm

CCT:                  3000K 

CRI:                   90

Input Power:       11.5W

Input voltage:      220-240V

Available:            Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia

Others:               Compatible with ceiling thickness ranging from 0.7-20mm.


Cree announces CR100 system-level LED downlight for the international 80 to 100mm MR16 market. A direct replacement for the 50-watt MR16-based fixture, CR100 fixture is commonly used in residential and retail lighting applications.

The CR100 fixture has an output of 650 lumens while consuming just 11.5 watts delivering minimum efficacy of 52 lumens per watt, which combined with a CRI of at least 90 and featuring integrated dimming.