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  • Business Type: Production and processing
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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2013-10-10
Product valid date:Not limited

T8 9W LED Tube lights SMD Send inquiry

Manufacturer Aodek Package Type Square
Model No. AOD-TU8-M0609 Dimension (LxWxHmm) 600x26x26
Color white Luminous Flux (lm) 810
Power Consumption (W) 9 Voltage (Vf)) 85-240
Dimmable yes Certification UL, CE, FCC
(T8) 9W LED Tube lights SMD 3528

LED Tube Light is a direct replacement of Standard Fluorescent Tube. utilizing clean, safe and long lasting LED Technology. LED Tube Light will be 55% Energy Savings, No fluorescent paint and gas contamination of premises, bypass Expensive Ballasts And Wire Direct. 
. Adopt the quality 3528SMD as the light source which has high lumen and low light loss.The power factor is above 0.9.Tube material is the aluminium alloy backbone and PC to prevent it bows.Scientific thermal management,the working tenperature is lower than 40 degree centigrade.The LED tube life span is over 35.000 hours.strict quality control ,lighting aging for 48 hours and complete inspection before shipping.Qualification rate is more than 98%.

1. No mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS-compliant,100% recyclable

2. 70-80% more energy efficient than florescent tubes

3. Solid state, high shock / vibration resistant

4. Produce little heat and co emissions

5. Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs

6. Working temperature: -40F to 122F (-40C to +50C)

7. Ra>75

8. IP rating (working environment): indoor use, applicable for dry environment

9. Instant soft-start

10. No RF interference

11. No noise

12. No flickering

13. No electronic ballast required
14. Warranty: 2 to 5 years
15.No UV or IR Radiation; 
16.Low Power Consumption; 
17.Long lived performance' 
18.Even Lighting, Non-halation, High intensity