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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Residential & commercial lighting, Outdoor Street light


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$468.00 Taiwan
Product issuing date:2014-05-21
Product valid date:Not limited

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Manufacturer Qing Yu Hsu's Inc. Package Type Circular
Model No. ML-COB 300VCM Dimension (LxWxHmm) 169x169x36
Color white Luminous Flux (lm) 33000
Power Consumption (W) 300 Voltage (Vf)) 54
Datasheet(PDF only)

MoriLite 100% own designed, particularly the 1st manufacturer in the world are adopted C.O.B. with Flip Chip + Vapor Chamber technology on our LED resource.

MoriLite COB Lights Engine is the 1st & best Light Engine in the world and we beleived no one can competitive in next 3-5 years at least.