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Product issuing date:2016-09-22
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Nozzles&striker; Send inquiry

Manufacturer Herotech corp.

World-renowned manufacturers such as norson, vermes, asymtek etc.

There are a variety of dispensing technology in the world, such as precision pneumatic dispensing, micro-dispensing, slit coating, non-contact glue, LED UV curing low temperature mode.

Wherein the piezoelectric valve of each company's core technology, we provide a dispensing nozzle and the firing pin used on the piezoelectric valve

General customers dispensing nozzle and the striker is tungsten steel, poor life.

Dispensing nozzle, it can be divided according to use dispensing, coating, spraying and other purposes, mainly electronic, semiconductor, LED, LCD, solar energy and other industries.

Our life is far greater than the diamond tungsten steel material life, welcomed the major manufacturers with piezoelectric valve.

Whether Taiwan or mainland service Jieke

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