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Product issuing date:2017-03-04
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1.A new type of microwave sensor to overcome many of the blind spot of traditional PIR pyroelectric induction switch, the skill technique innovation and upgrading, make the product more stable and longer life.

2.Microwave module adopts double circuit boards, advanced testing technology strong anti-jamming capability, stable performance. Convenient and easy to install. 3.Use the Japanese high specification TV8 relay which are not afraid to touch glue, does not fear the spark, surges and noise .And starting and closing times of up to one hundred thousand times more.

4.Microwave sensor can penetrate a variety of objects, such as glass, wood, plastic, ceiling and thin wall except metal.Human activities, the vehicle running and some objects mobile signal can be detected.

5. Strong anti-jamming capability, almost not affected by outside factors, such as wind, flow, temperature, can filter out the leaves swaying, cleave, small pet walking, electric fan rotation, foggy, temperature shock, heat gas boom, fluorescent lamp to clutter interference.

 6.Products can be installed in the lamps and lanterns, switch boxes, and ceiling.Save electricity, beautiful, concealment and security.

 7. Sensor with optical function, can be adjusted according to the site environment demand.Delay time about 30 seconds and induction distance to be about 6 meters.

8.Suitable for all kinds of lamps and lanterns, such as fluorescent lamp, or LED lamp.

9.Suitable places: porch, corridor, the door, the balcony, garage, the kitchen, basement, elevator,   store window light and show light... And so on.