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LED lighting popularization still need 3-5 years prices decl 
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Post LED lighting popularization still need 3-5 years prices decl
In LED down the cost before, LED lamp won't get massive popularization, estimates that need at least 3-5 years time, In LED lighting power use electrolytic capacitors, film capacitance ceramic capacitors, each have advantages and disadvantages, MR16 LED lightbulbs potential is tremendous, 120/230V AC input LED light bulb will be market mainstream.

LED lighting is still in very primary stage. The market for acceptance of LED lighting, mainly because of low cost is higher. Most cost is LED above. In led street lighting down the cost before, LED lamp won't get massive popularity. Maxim company business manager Piero Bianco think, 7 watts LED lamp cost about $5.00 must be to get ability makes its mass adopted. We May 3-5 years later see this kind of situation.

A not quite clear problem is, LED lamp would adopt work at higher current on less LED (6-8 work in 350mA LED), or in LED string used more LED, the current is 100mA.

The electrolytic capacitor LED lighting power overheats, but there are also other problems. Only film capacitor can be used either for input, can also be used to output. Ceramic capacitor in dimmer have noise problems. Film capacitor than ceramic capacitor, and relatively expensive. Capacitors is a lot cheaper than film capacitor. Capacitors under high temperature to do not have long life, and long life is LED lighting applications advocate hit one of advantage. Under high temperature to long-term use, electrolyte will all run dry, capacitance dropped substantially. This will lead to LED lights flashing or ceases to shine.

Single stage (non insulation) will require LED and LED fin between fully insulated. Insulators must be good heat conductors, simultaneously must tolerated high insulation voltage. This application for 220V is a challenge. 120V AC applied need lower insulation voltage, therefore, may adopt single stage design. Even for use 2-4 led warehouse lightthe 120V AC application, may also must use transformer to improve efficiency. Single grade designs are usually step-down (buck) or step-down - pressor (boost) design, buck - used directly after adjustment of ac voltage. LED directly connected to a string of end high dc voltage, being security malaises. Single stage design does not need transformer, and the cost will be lower than with transformer design. For application, switch MOSFET 120V AC rated voltage is 200V.

For most applications, one 220V AC design transformer adopt to provide insulation. Junior to subprime insulation 3750V AC voltage is. All 220V AC applications are used to sweep transformer, similar to buck - pressor, but using back to sweep transformer realized the insulation. These design needs in primary use a 600V switch MOSFET.

LED lightbulbs manufacturers are developing 120/230V AC input LED lightbulbs and 12V AC input LED lightbulbs (such as MR16 bulb and similar product), each of which led light bulbshas very good rapid development reason.
CFL bulb MR16 LED bulbs and compared with the huge advantage CFL bulb, because can do to be small. For this reason, based on the LED bulbs MR16 than any other technology of energy efficiency is higher. With today's CFL bulb (even if it future efficiency do better than 120 /) 230V AC input MR16 LED light bulb energy efficiency is best.

The major disadvantage MR16 LED light bulb is electronic transformer. Today most MR16 LED light bulb installed by electronic transformer rather than magnetic transformer to from 120/230V AC produce 12V AC. Question is electronic transformer is designed for halogen lamp, so usually most electronic transformer can bring LED lights flashing of problem. This and some existing infrastructure not compatibility may make them more difficult to be accepted.

Another limitation is cooling: because of their small size, MR16 LED lightbulbs cannot come loose off a lot of heat. For this reason, MR16 LED lightbulbs power is limited in around 5W, which makes them today are rarely used to replace halogen MR16 lamp. 120/230V AC MR16 LED light bulb is bigger, so they melted away more calories.

In conclusion, I think recent 120/230V AC input LED light bulb will be mainstream (60-70% market market share), with the rest will be the 12V AC input led spot lights. The long term, with the LED illumination in domestic market became more popular, 120/230V AC input LED lightbulbs it would also increase the proportion of the 12V AC input (LED light bulb will be less), a new installation LED light bulb will avoid using the 12V AC transformer, but direct from 120 230V/AC power take electricity.

We have recently developed 120/230V AC input from the market LED device is back very positive evaluation. We based on MAX16834 development solutions provided outstanding dimming performance, allowing LED light bulb with a standard TRIAC dimmers from 0 to maximum brightness adjust light, and there is no blinking. They can also be used digital cutting Angle dimmers (like Lutron Maestro) adjust light, this is a very rare performance. In addition, these solutions appropriate after the design can not use electrolytic capacitor, it can prolong the life of LED light bulb, because the electrolytic capacitors are often led high bay in the first failure of components.

For 12V AC input application, we have developed a unique solution, it can solve the problem in electronic transformer compatibility. By means of its active IC simplifies PFC topology, it allows LED light bulb with most electronic transformer work together do not twinkle, and can use the lift pressure or pressor topology provide greater than moksan 0.7w power output. In addition, it does not require capacitors, therefore its life also have very big change。

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Post Re: LED lighting popularization still need 3-5 years prices
i can not agree more

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2011-06-23 9:55

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Post Re: LED lighting popularization still need 3-5 years prices
From my point of view, the price of LED lights has been already decreased thats why such lighting is getting more popular and high in demand these days..


2012-04-23 15:39
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