Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Market- LEDinside

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 4Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Market Report- Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Market, the total passenger car display in 2017 was about 241 million sets and is predicted to total 624 million sets in 2025, CAGR of 2017-2025 is 13%. The growth driver comes from rising IoV penetration, new energy car and autonomous vehicles. Hence, interior automotive display usage volume significantly rose. ...More

LEDinside: Micro LED Transfer Technology and Feasibility of Mass Production

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 3Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Market Report- Micro LED Transfer Technology and Inspection Method Analysis, Mass transfer is a critical technology for Micro LED manufacturing, transferring Micro LED to a target backplane quickly and accurately will be one of the topics that manufacturers need to work on the most as well as on improving UPH and yield.

Micro LED Transfer Technology
Micro LED technology are facing lots of technology challenge, LEDinside research assistant manager Simon Yang indicates, there are four key technologies on Micro LED manufacturing, transfer technology takes the hardest part of manufacturing, however, driver IC, color conversion, inspection equipment and way of inspection, wafer wavelength uniformity, those are waiting for the technological bottleneck breakthrough.

There are many challenges in Micro LED mass transfer process, and LEDinside sorts the challenges into seven categories, including equipment accuracy, transfer yield, time of mass transfer process, manufacturing technology, inspection method, rework and processing cost. The upstream, midstream and downstream manufactures need to cooperate closely to achieve breakthrough and overcome related difficulties

LEDinside assesses the feasibility on mass production of Micro LED according to Six Sigma. The transfer yield must be Four Sigma or higher so that the product has a chance to be commercialized but still with high processing and repair costs, while the transfer yield must be Five Sigma or higher to achieve mature commercialized products with competitive processing cost....More

Understanding eLux’s Micro LED Patented Technologies

To develop Micro LED display technology, which is often regarded as the most promising display technology after OLED, Taiwan’s contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn, recently announced that it will invest around US$10 million to acquire U.S. startup eLux through subsidiaries including CyberNet. After completing the acquisition, CyberNet will hold a 45.45% share in eLux; Innolux 13.64%, and Advanced Optoelectronic Technology 9.09%. Foxconn group companies will become the largest shareholder of eLux

According to LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, eLux was founded in October 2016. It was registered in Delaware but is actually located in a small town called Cama (WA/ USA). eLux has had a long history with Japan’s Sharp. Both CEO JJ Lee and CTO Paul Schuele were members of Sharp Laboratories of America; even the addresses of the two facilities are completely the same.

So, how come Foxconn is interested in this 7-month old startup with only 10 employees?...More

LEDinside: Micro LED Display and Fine Pitch Display Technology

Considering about cost, after pitch refinement that narrows pitches between LEDs, the cost of LED packaging will consume a much larger proportion of the overall display module production cost. When it comes to Micro LED display, the cost structure of a Micro LED display of the same size and same pitch as those of a fine pitch display, according to the model, would be so much different from a fine pitch display’s cost structure. In particular, the cost of LED (light source) sees a drastic shrinkage. Other than that, LEDinside reckons LED transfer and display driver technology hold the largest proportions of the consolidated production cost....More

LEDinside Says Potential Scale of Micro-LED Market Could Reach US$ 30~40 Billion If It Was to Supplant the Current Display Chain

Following LCD and OLED, micro-LED is now one of the next-generation display technologies that are in the spotlight. Besides companies working in the global display supply chain, major technology brands including Apple and Sony are increasingly involved in the development of micro-LED as they are drawn to its possibilities. Currently, those that are engaged in this field aim to bring down the production cost. The latest research from LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, finds that the potential scale of the future micro-LED market – one that would replace the entire current LCD display chain including BLU, polarizer and other components – could reach US$30~40 billion.

Roger Chu, research director of LEDinside, pointed to mass transfer as the most difficult technology bottleneck that prevents the general production cost of micro-LEDs from going down. “Creating mass transfer solutions requires efforts across different industries including LED, semiconductor devices and the entire display supply chain,” said Chu. “Also, new solutions could lead to different specifications for processing equipment, testing equipment, chip products, raw materials and etc. New specification standards will raise the technology barrier for market entrants. The need for cross-industry collaboration will also prolong the R&D period for developers of micro-LED displays."

In addition to cost reduction efforts, entrants in the micro-LED display market will need to generate additional value for the technology. “Once established, mass transfer solutions may be used to pick and place LEDs or electronic components of similar sizes – take sensor chips for example,” said Chu. “Micro-LED itself has a lot of potentials and could one day shine in lots of applications including VR devices, AR projection, optical sensors and fingerprint recognition.”...More

Technology Brands Including Facebook Dive Deep Into the Potential of Micro-LED Displays for AR and VR Devices, Reports LEDinside

LEDinside’s research on micro-LED finds that the pioneers Sony and Apple have diverged in application development. Sony focuses on building huge micro-LED display walls, while Apple works on miniature micro-LED screens for its Apple Watch devices. Other parties that are interested in the technology are looking at augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) as a potential application segment.

In the market for smartwatch displays, micro-LED is going to face intense price competition from conventional display technologies. AR and VR, on the other hand, is a blue ocean market with much more possibilities in terms of product design. Hence, companies such as Apple, Oculus and Ostendo consider micro-LED solutions for AR and VR devices.

Next to VR and AR devices, smartphones constitute another large potential market for micro-LED displays. According to LEDinside, micro-LED is expected to rapidly penetrate the high-end segment of the smartphone market following its commercialization in the future. Trends in the smartphone market has shown that novel and better display technologies are a major selling point for premium device models....More

LEDinside: Micro LED Key Technology Development Map Analysis: Transfer Technology

The core technology of thin film transfer is how to massively pick up micrometer-scale epitaxy, currently, the pick-up can be implemented through physical and chemical methods. Taking the physical method for example, LuxVue pick up micro devices through electrostatic adsorption. And the chemical method represented by X-Celeprint, who utilizes van der Waals force to pick up with the medium of Stamp. Moreover, many manufacturers developed a number of pick up methods respectively.

Another core technology of thin film transfer is how to select the ideal micrometer-scale epitaxy for pick-up, for example, generally selecting the target object through controlling the strength of pick-up force like the above mentioned electrostatic force or van der Waals force. In addition, Sony selects the specified target object through laser ablation technology. ...More

LEDinside: LuxVue Own Abundant Transfer / Bonding Patents on Micro LED

The latest analysis “1Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry” by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, make a further analysis on the Micro LED industry. Observed from current technology, how to transfer Micro LED will be the biggest challenges. In addition, Investigated from current player, the technology value chain is generally forming. Four key technologies including epi wafer and chip, transfer, bonding, and color conversion.

According to LEDinside’s analysis on the patents owned by 10 investigated transfer manufacturers and categorized by their patent content, LuxVue possess a large number of transfer patents, and X-Celeprint followed. ...More

Revving towards Commercialization: Micro LED TVs May Come Sooner Than Expected

Micro LED, the next generation display technology, has lighten up a new path for the LED industry. As global key players continue to jump on the Micro LED bandwagon, a whole supply chain has gradually taken shape. The development process of related applications has been ramped up, making possible an earlier than expected volume production for Micro LED-based large screen TVs. However, there are still many challenges lying ahead of commercial developments. Among them, two key elements play a pivotal role....More

LEDinside 2018 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report

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