Sylvania Stamps its presence in the Middle East Market

Having successfully set up an office in Dubai early 2016, Sylvania has been one of the primary providers of metropolitan, architectural, theatrical and retail lighting solutions in the Gulf region’s for almost 2 years. Sylvania decided take part in the Light Middle East Exhibition to reaffirm its presence in the market, exhibit its wares under the tagline “Light your world”.

(Image: Sylvania)

During the event, the company announced that the global brand, Feilo Sylvania remodeled its brand strategy and took to implement Sylvania as its international brand in the successive period, and concentrate on product branding in the separate ranges. Sylvania Middle East will maintain its prominence with the brand Concorde as the key product scope.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Christian Schraft, Sylvania’s Global CEO commented: “We want to invest heavily in the Middle East as it is a vital market that appreciates Sylvania products, particularly the Concord variety. We’re bringing to market new light fittings for specialized environments such as offices, museums and galleries, and our latest advances in intelligent lighting control systems that are self-learning and can decrease the energy usage.”

Picking up on this point, Mr. Ayhan Siriner, The General Manager of Sylvania Middle East said “Sylvania Middle East’s strategies this year, will be tailored towards promoting our “SylSmart platform” which is a self-learning smart lighting system and “Logic Solution”- Our Light-as-a-Service model, directed at Middle Eastern Investors looking for intelligent ways to retrofit their businesses with no considerable capital spending. Or to have Smart LED lighting solutions implemented on a costs-neutral basis.”

It’s clear that Sylvania is headed towards exciting new developments as just recently the company opened a new Global Office in Budapest, Hungary, marking a significant transition for Sylvania, from a purely lighting manufacturer to the a complete solutions provider.

At the Light Middle East Exhibition, Sylvania showcased approximately 60 of their innovative lighting solutions, their latest ground breaking technology described as the SylSmart platform and varied general illumination devices, launched over the recent months. That consisted of low, mid, high, and ultra-high power LEDs.

Speaking a little about the SylSmart Platform, Christian Schraft said: “SylSmart is a technology integrated with the luminaire making it simple to install in retrofit applications. SylSmart works precisely to ensure the main luminaire automatically recognize the other luminaires close by, and auto-commission themselves, corresponding with each other so that, when an individual is going through a space the lighting levels seamlessly rise in front of them and fall behind them. The system is self-learning and the lighting control structures, such as light levels and timers, can be fine-tuned through an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app.”

SylSmart luminaires, allows end users to enjoy a commissioning free, wireless and intuitive lighting control solution at 30% less CAPEX than DALI and offering 34% greater energy savings.

Apart from the SylSmart Solution, the Company further displayed their 2016 introduction, an award-winning SylCone Retro range. The hand-blown glass lamp, available in three unique designs, integrates the latest LED filament technology to deliver a powerful yet efficient light source that depicts the warm radiance of traditional, incandescent lighting with color temperature of 2000K. They also displayed their Beacon TUNE, Sylvania’s first tuneable white LED spotlight from the Concord range that brings out the best in displays and exhibitions, with a high CRI of 90, making it the optimal lighting solution for Museums and Galleries.

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