[Financial Update] Innolux Corporation December 2017 Consolidated Revenues of NT$27 Billion

Innolux today announced its December 2017 consolidated revenues. The company reported unaudited consolidated revenues of NT$27 billion in December 2017, a decrease 1.1% M-o-M and a decrease of 15.9 % Y-o-Y.
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Innolux Showcases World’s First AM Mini LED Automotive Panel to Enhance Color Distinction

Self-driving car, electric vehicle and internet of vehicles are three major trends of automotive panels. Innolux takes part in the 2018 CES to exhibit the world’s first AM Mini LED automotive panel.
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Micro LED Market Value Expected to Skyrocket 654%

Japan-based Yano Research Institute issued on 4th September a research report projecting the market value of Micro LED in 2017 to be USD 7 million following Sony’s launch of CLEDIS display that features Micro LED technology. The market is slowly shaping up. 
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All You Need to Know About Micro LED in 1H17

The LED industry had quite a peaceful time in 1H17. Apart from a few M&As, the most-discussed technology would be Micro LED. Lots of high-tech giants worldwide have already started a series of R&D and the number of participants is getting bigger. The supply chain of Micro LED, although of limited mature technologies, is slowly shaping up. Here, LEDinside lists out major events and milestones made on the path of developing Micro LED in the first half of 2017.
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Innolux Refutes Claims of Foxconn Group Reducing LCD Panel Supplies to Competitors

A recent Nikkei Asian Review report claiming Innolux would be scaling back LCD supplies to competitors because of Foxconn group policy was refuted by the LCD panel subsidiary recently.
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Innolux: Apple’s OLED iPhones A Temporary Solution Till Micro-LED Displays Mature

Apple’s rumored switch to Samsung supplied OLED panels could be short-lived, said Innolux CEO.
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Innolux Finding it Difficult to Turn a Blind Eye on Chi Mei’s Financial Situation

LED chip manufacturer Chi Mei Technology Corp went out of business last month after a surprise exodus by the company’s board members. A staggering amount of NT$5.6 billion in unpaid debts has lead to anger from creditor banks. The phones were ringing off the hook yesterday (7) for Chi Mei’s top shareholder Innolux with calls from legal persons and investors. Innolux expressed that during today’s (8) online conference, chairman Tuan Hsing-chien will be there himself to offer explanation.
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Wealthy Shareholder Innolux Refuses to Bailout Chi Mei

The creditor banks for Chi Mei Lighting Technology Corporation are demanding the company’s shareholder groups like Innolux Corportation and Chi Mei Corporation to repay the company’s debt. However, Innolux Corportation’s response was that the responsibility for resolving the debt was solely that of the creditor banks and that all Chi Mei employees are welcome to work at Innolux. Chi Mei Corp only expressed regret over the situation.
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Innolux Cooperates with Nichia to Tap LED Monitor Market

Innolux Display Corp., a Taiwan-base panel maker, has teamed up with Nichia, a global leading LED chip maker, in a bid to lead the industry of LED monitors by shipment volume, the Taiwan Economic News reports, citing company sources.
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Foreverlamp has expanded its award-winning LED Lamp Series with a new Industrial replacement lamp. The new J Series provides a powerful LED replacement for up to 400W MH lamps that operate in dusty and harsh indus... READ MORE

Cree announces the commercial availability of the XLamp® XD16 LED, the industry’s first Extreme Density LED, which delivers up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs.