Seoul Semiconductor Launches AC-powered Acrich2 LED Solution

Newly, Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has announced the release of another AC-powered LED solution in its second-generation Acrich2 family at the Strategies in Light 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The new product features the removal of the AC/DC converter and consequently the optimized form factor. The company claims that this type of solution increases reliability by removing many of the components that cause early lifetime failure of other fluorescent replacement solutions. In particular, the design also provides more flexibility and space to work inside...
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FOREPI May Take Place of Epistar to Receive Samsung’s Backlight LED Contracts

Recently, Formosa Epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI) is reported to regained Samsung’s contracts for LED chips used in TV backlights since October, and the South Korean company will gradually move the contracts originally placed with Epistar Inc. back to FOREPI over the next three years. Both Epistar and FOREPI have declined to comment. However, FOREPI executives said that the company has landed more contracts in November than October from South Korean buyers by an unexpectedly high margin. FOREPI used to be Samsung’s major supplier o...
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LG to Invest $7 Billion in Green Business

LG announced it will invest $6.83 billion in green business sectors by 2015. The conglomerate says the investments - in electric vehicle batteries, LED lighting, solar PV and water treatment technologies - will generate $8.4 billion in revenue, while creating 10,000 green jobs around the world. It will also boost business for about 660 small and midsized enterprises in its supply chain. About a third of the investment will be in lithium batteries for electric vehicles (by 2013). It's also planning to get into the solar polysilicon business by 2014. Its LG Chem div...
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South Korea Ranks No.2 in LED Manufacture

Reportedly, South Korea has become the world's second-largest maker of LED last year based on the firms' bold investment in television production and upbeat global demand. According to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, combined sales of Korean LED manufacturers more than doubled to 6.9 trillion won (US$6.35 billion) last year worldwide from 3.1 trillion won (US$2.9 billion) in 2009, and more than tripled from 2.2 trillion won (US$2.05 billion) in 2007. The country also swung into the black in the global LED trade, logging US$414 million surplus last y...
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LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ sol... READ MORE

Foreverlamp has expanded its award-winning LED Lamp Series with a new Industrial replacement lamp. The new J Series provides a powerful LED replacement for up to 400W MH lamps that operate in dusty and harsh indus... READ MORE