LEDinside: Why Can San’an Optoelectronics Make Great Profits?

San’an Optoelectronics, undoubtedly, earns the most in LED industry. Both its gross profit ratio and net profit ratio are so high that San’an doesn't seem like a manufacturing company.
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Rising LED Penetration Rates Benefit Upstream and Downstream Manufacturers

The LED industry has entered into a period where penetration rate is rapidly increasing each quarter. Consumers continue to purchase traditional lighting products in large volumes, but distributors have begun reducing the proportion of products for sale. Manufacturers are facing saturated orders and rising lighting order visibility.
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San'an Opto Patent Strategies a Looming threat to Taiwanese Manufacturers Oversea Business

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) has big plans to become a force to be reckoned with both domestically and internationally. The company is expanding production capacity, releasing announcements one after another, according to a Money DJ report.
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San’an Opto Expands Production Capacity in Three China Subsidiaries

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) released their first quarter fiscal 2014 financial results on April 21, 2014. Production capacity expansion to their LED subsidiaries as well as increased production sales volume boosted operating revenue by 30.7 percent. Government subsidies received in 1Q14 increased non-operating revenue 130 percent YoY.
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San’an Opto and Nationstar Sign Three Year LED Chip Procurement Agreement

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) announced on April 16, 2014 that the company has signed a three year strategic agreement to sell LED chips to Foshan Nationstar (Nationstar). 
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Financial Analysts Weigh in on San’an Opto and Seoul Semiconductor Joint Venture

San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) announced the joint venture with Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys (Viosys) on April 10th 2014. San’an Opto holds the largest share in the venture with 49 percent, investing around US $980,000. Seoul Semiconductor has a 25 percent share with US$ 500,000 investment, while Viosys holds 26 percent with a US$ 520,000 investment. The joint venture will cover areas including design, R&D, production, LED product sales, and provide related services. 
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San’an Enters into Joint Investment to Establish New LED Factory

The joint investment between San’an Optoelectronics and Yankon Lighting was announced on September 9th that the two companies will establish a development company for new illuminant and lighting R&D.  The joint venture between the two companies make use of the combined technology and market superiority to create a market pipe line for development of new LED illuminant and lighting products.
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Sanan Optoelectronics Expands LED Production Capacity with Veeco MOCVD Systems

Veeco announced on July 29 that Sanan Optoelectronics Co. Ltd., the biggest LED maker in China, has placed a multi-tool order for Veeco's TurboDisc MaxBright M Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Systems in the third quarter of 2013. The TurboDisc MaxBright M GaN MOCVD Multi-Reactor System is the industry's highest footprint efficiency MOCVD system designed to manufacture high quality, high brightness light emitting diodes. The multi-reactor systems will be used to ramp production of LEDs in their Xiamen, China fab for...
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Xiamen San'an Optoelectronics to Purchase MOCVD Equipments with 280 Million Yuan at Most to Expand LED Chip Production Lines

The board of directors of San'an Optoelectronics announced on the evening of June 18 that its wholly owned subsidiary, Xiamen San'an Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd, intends to spend 280 million Yuan at most to purchase 20 units of international advanced single chamber machines or five units of four-chambers GaN MOCVD equipment and expand part of the LED chip production lines. In addition, the Xiamen municipal government and Xiamen Siming District government will offer subsidy to Xiamen San'an Optoelectronics for the purchase of 20 sets of MO...
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Sanan Optoelectronics Announces Its Plan to Double Production Capacity

It is an indisputable fact that LED market has gradually rebounded, but the relative excess of industry capacity is also an unavoidable reality. In the recent two weeks, the leading LED companies have introduced LED expansion plans, of course, Sanan Optoelectronics is no exception, it launched its plan on the evening of May 27 that it will raise funds about 3.3 billion Yuan to expand LED projects. According to its plan, if the program of Sanan Optoelectronics is implemented successfully, the production capacity of its new LED chip will be doubled. At present, San...
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Cree announces the commercial availability of the XLamp® XD16 LED, the industry’s first Extreme Density LED, which delivers up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs.


LG Innotek today announced that the company has developed the world's first 100mW (mill watts) UV-C LED. This development is 2 years ahead of the industry forecast that predicted its development would be successful by 2020.