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LED Spot Light

Street Light LXD-AS3

LED Bulb

Solar Guardrail Marker

Solar/LED Road Stud


Tianjin Atann Envi Protection Tech Co.,Ltd. is a China research and development, production, trade as one of the optical energy-owned enterprise in Taiwan. Our company is Taiwan Sole-source investment enterprise, the only one manufacturer for Solar Tempered PC 360o Warning Photoelectric Road Marking & Guardirail Warning Marking in the world.

Cpmpany products meet the elements of the Kyoto Protocol. PCB and traffic safety facilities by the China National Center of Quality Supervision & Inspection of Traffic Safety Facilities accredited by GB/T19813-2005, GB/T 24725-2009(JT/T390-1999)、Taiwan CNS13762 approved and certificaed by International CE, RoHS, FCC and detection of SGS.

Therefore, it would be a great to receipt your consultation and pleasure to introduce our innovative products to you.   


1、Solar Road Safety Product; 2、Solar intelligent traffic management system; 3、Solar Road Stud; 4、Solar Underground Lighting;      5、Solar Stasr & Ice Brick Lighting;       6、MPPT Solar Controller; 7、LXD Street Lighting; 8、LED Illumination; 9、Solar electrical energy generation system solution.