Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: UV LED / IR LED

ProLight Opto Technology was established in 2004, dedicated to the LED research, development and manufacturing for lighting application. ProLight has its own exclusive phosphor coating and packaging technology, which can provide the best optics and heat dissipation for lighting.

Prolight is a customer-driven company providing professional ODM service that brings the highest standard of quality for tailor-made LED products. As a result, through our service we want to contribute the best value to the customer

ProLight’s vision is to be the world class LED lighting supplier, and contribute to the protection of Earth by eco-friendly LED lighting.

Prolight Opto www.prolightopto.com



Quality Policy

Our goal is to ensure our customer receives LED products that are 100% fulfill environmental standard requirements and having the exact product spec. defined in the datasheet.

Through product design, use of material, manufacturing and quality checks to make sure we fulfill our product quality policies.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve satisfaction from all of our customers.