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  • Business Type: Wholesale Distribution
  • Primary Business: UV LED / IR LED, Inspection lighting, Medical & dental lighting, UV curing lights

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endoscope LED module

UV LED FOR 3D Printer

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ENT LED light source

Hong Kong and the Massachusetts State BILLERICA - (BUSINESS WIRE) - PhlatLight? LED developer and manufacturer Luminus Devices today announced a partnership with the Comex agreement authorized Comex Technology, Ltd. In the Asian distribution Luminus LED. Comex will provide comprehensive distribution, supply chain optimization and technical support to help customers accelerate product development Luminus to meet a variety of general illumination and specialty lighting applications. contact. kevin.18902856607

Luminus Devices President and CEO Keith TS Ward, said: "The Asian market is the foundation of our growth strategy. Comex is the LED technology experts, and a first-class reputation in Asia, distribution and marketing experience and we are pleased to work with them together for customer service. "

Comex Technology, Ltd. General Manager Steve Ho said: "Our priority is through the use of solid-state lighting solutions for large corporate clients access in China and Hong Kong to expand the influence of PhlatLight LED brand of the traditional lighting solutions are being phased out , and energy-saving long-lasting PhlatLight LED lighting applications will become part of. Comex will help the next generation of LED-based Luminus product leader. "