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250Vac 360Vac SMD fuse



We are SLETECH ENTERPRISE INC (Sleek fuse), a Taiwan based professional manufacturer of circuit protection components, proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of top quality fuses. Founded in 1992 by Steve Yang, the company is headquartered in a modern, newly constructed manufacturing facility located in Wu Feng just outside of Taichung City. The quality systems in the manufacturing plant is ISO-9001 Certified, a testimony to our commitment to continuous improvement to our products and manufacturing techniques. All phases of the manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, marketing, and administration are performed at this location. Since our relocation to Wu Feng, we have added more state-of -the-art equipment, enlarged our shop areas, and increased our technical staff. These additional facilities and personnel have enabled us to achieve our reputation as a world leader in supplies and services for circuit protection components.

Newest addition to our facilities enabling us to better meet the needs of our customers.

An important part of our business is OEM manufacturing. Sleetech sells its products to original equipment manufacturers that use the components in consumer electronics, industrial electronics, telecommunications and data processing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually satisfy our customers, it means producing only the fuses of the highest quality, to have an accessible staff to ensure prompt and personal assistance in the use of the fuses, and to develop innovative products which would provide significant advances over current technologies and doing so around the world.

Technology and products

Sleetech can offer these fuses in accordance with the UL, RU, CSA, VDE, CB, and TUV internationally recognized standards.

The company produces and markets four primary groups of fuses:

Miniature fuses Micro fuses SMD fuses Fuse accessories Company Philosophy   Reliable products

Sleek observes international standards and certifications in order to serve its prestigious worldwide clientele. Sleek believes that the customer deserves the best performing and highest quality product. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products, and services


Long-term customer relationships

We understand the importance of long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers. It means that we can serve our customer better and we can trust our suppliers.


Total Customer Satisfaction is the way we believe how business should be done. Every item in our catalog is produced with a strong emphasis on quality control to ensure a consistently reliable product. In addition, we will respond to your inquiries and requests quickly and with personal attention and concern. Our technical staff is always available to assist the customer to achieve optimal performance with our fuses. It is the commitment - to meet the needs of the customer – that sets Sleek apart.

Invest in people

The people who work at Sleek are our most valuable asset. We treat our staff the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Sleek should always be a fun, enjoyable and comfortable place to work and visit.

  Enjoy what we do

We enjoy the business we are in and have fun doing what we do best – delivering well-engineered fuses and delighting our customers.

125Vac/250Vac/350Vac SMD fuse UL,TUV approval.

SK12 series 0.5A~8A/125Vac,63Vdc  1206

SK18 series  0.5A~8A/250Vac,125Vdc  1810 

SK84 series 1A~10A/250Vac,dc 3118

SK86 series 1A~10A/350Vac,250Vdc 3118


Sleek Co., Ltd.

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No.350, Sec. 1, Zhongtou E. Rd., Wufeng, Taichung County, Taiwan 413, R.O.C.

Telephone : 886-4-23332889

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Website: www.sleek.com.tw

E-mail address: sleetech@sleek.com.tw