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Metallized Ceramics Tube

 The capability of Potent Mechanical & Industrial (XIAMEN) Co., Ltd mainly contribute different kind of ceramic parts.

Ceramic parts: technology ceramic, industry ceramic, structure ceramic produce by materials such as Al2O3, ZrO2, Si3N4, SIC, ALN, ZTA, Basalt and others but also make ceramic board and electronic circuit board with ceramic.

Our manufactories are in Fujian, China and able to make high precision drawing ceramic structures. For all of different kind of ceramic stuffs using in semiconductor, industry, heavy industry, auto-parts, bike-parts, military, chemical, textile industry and any environments use for insulation, high temperature, temperature-variation, Better seizure resistance, Resistant to acid, alkali and salt and suitable for magnetic application.

For example: ceramic plate and board, ceramic ball, ceramic pipe, ceramic tube, ceramic ring, ceramic liner, ceramic nozzle, ceramic brush, ceramic bearing, hybrid bearing, ceramic shaft, ceramic rod, ceramic valve, ceramic bar, ceramic brick, ceramic tile, ceramic scissor, ceramic knives and other ceramic structure and component.