Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Billboards/ variable message signs

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Who we are? 
We are designLED Technology Co Ltd based in Shenzhen, our team has around 18 years experiences of LED applications, and more than 5 years experiences of rubber faced Flexible led screens. Moreover, our team is a pioneer of creative LED screen because of Flexible LED Display Screen development. 

What we do? 
We focus on specializing rubber-faced flexible LED Display Screen with P6mm and P10mm for indoor applications, and Customized LED Display screen per demands. 
When we do? In our team, the most senior engineer started to work led screen since 1995, now have abundant of experiences of LED screen development and project management. 
Our team originally developed rubber faced flexible led screen in 2007, and did a new flexible led screen in 2011, now we hope to mass produced and meet client’s DIY(Do It Yourselt)interest. 

Where we do? 
Our Shenzhen office is mainly for sales and Marketing, R&D and Administrative. 
Our factory is located in Shenhen to do Flexible led screen’s mass production, manufacturing, components stock, shipment etc. 

Why we do? 
As almost all the LED Display products in the market are same, cost clear, competition fierce, no creative LED Display product for clients, so our target is to provide Flexible LED screen with some special applications like TV studio, Casino, Art Sculpture, broadcasting etc.