Business Type
  • Business Type: Other
  • Primary Business: Nitride (InGaN) blue, green LED chips, Red, orange, yellow LED chips, Infrared LED chips, UV LED chips, High power LED, SMD LED, Through Hole LED, Display LED, Photocouplers, UV LED / IR LED, Wire bounding machine, Dispenser machine, Trim machine, Expander machine, Vacuum mixer, Testing machine, Tapping machine, Residential & commercial lighting, Outdoor Street light, Retrofit lamp/ tube, Portable lighting, Small size backlighting, Notebook backlighting, LCD Monitor backlighting, LCD TV backlighting, Projector, Traffic & pedestrian signals, Highway safety marking, Lane indicator, Inspection lighting, Medical & dental lighting, Phototherapy lighting, UV curing lights, Home appliance, OLED Display, OLED Lighting, OLED Driver, OLED Raw material, OLED Equipment, Lens, MCPCB/ PCB , Heat sink

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