Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Retrofit lamp/ tube, Portable lighting

Freeman Lighting is an Australian owned lighting specialist and one of the pioneer in LED smart lighting solutions. We research and develop innovative products in our own factory, which makes our lighting products more affordable to Australian households. Matching offers complete end-to-end solutions, from initial lighting audits,right through to luminaire supply, installation, technical support and commissioning.

We have the capacity to manufacture:
* 150 million LED lamps annually
* 40 million luminaires annually
* Fully customised luminaries to meet specific projects needs within 20 weeks

The future of the lighting industry is defined by the smart LED technology. Freeman can make your life easier with our own smart technology. Lights are no longer dumb but a smart device with Bluetooth speaker, multi-coloured globe, motion sensor, Wi-Fi capability, schedule timer and remote control. Our products are economical and environmental friendly that create infinite possibility and add great value to its future home.

Freeman supplies smart LED products to residential dwellings and commercial space. However, you may find us in every corner of lifestyle: caravan, yacht, decoration, accessories. Contact us today to find out why retrofitting Freeman LED is a great idea for your home and your business.