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The product is mainly used in new environmental protection and energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp LED with main aluminum + transparent cover/expansion mask/transparent cover/expansion, the light stripe stripe hood.
A, product introduction:
Professional production had LED fluorescent tubes, LED lamp, fluorescent tubes, PC fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp lu: su tube PC tube, fluorescent lamp double color tube, fluorescent lamp grind arenaceous tube, and the sunlight lighting diffusion, fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, fluorescent aluminum cover semicircle chimney.
In order to adapt to the market, we launched the fluorescent lamp innovation of various new PC tube, including double color PC tube, grinding PC tube, sandblasting PC tube, light, etc, in addition to spread PC tube high transmittance, mix light effect excellent beyond, still have both the UV resistance and flame retardant V0 effect. LED for its energy-saving fluorescent tubes in Japan at present, the penetration rate is as high as 50% above, and the new product is also China's domestic rapid promotion. We launched this kind of fluorescent lamp dedicated PC tube, with its and with excellent photosynthetic efficiency, UV resistance and flame retardant V0 3 big functions, DuoGe famous lighting manufacturers has helped build the world's top LED fluorescent tubes brand. The LED fluorescent tubes mainly specification is T10 (30), T8 (26), T5 (15) card slot pipe and the tube. According to the function USES is divided into double color LED fluorescent tubes, grinding LED fluorescent tubes, light diffusion LED fluorescent tubes, striped fluorescent tubes, lu: su double color LED LED lamp, also equipped with LED lamp accessories, including cover (PC cover, aluminum cover, lu: su combination cover) and aluminum, etc.
Our production LED lamp surface pervious to light rate is as high as 93%, the main products are T10LED tube (30 mm), T8LED tube (26 mm), T5LED tube (15 mm), PC transparent tube, transparent stripe LED lamp, grinding LED lamp, etc, and all kinds of inside card slot. According to customer develop the mould, make your product to be more perfect, novel.
Product use specifications had
Eye and a number
The material ratio 1/2 aluminum 1/2 PC
Suitable for plugin PCB specifications 22 * 1.0 mm
Suitable for patch 22.5 * PCB specification 0.8 mm
Suitable for power supply highly 11 MM below
Transparent cover light transmittance 90 ~ 93%
Stripe cover light transmittance 85 ~ 90%
Enlarge mask light transmittance 80 ~ 85%
Breakdown voltage acuity 2500
PC tube heat become more than 3
Second, the product characteristics
This product chimney part adopts import PC pure material production, with aluminum tubes to the cooling performance is better than the traditional life. Use fluorescent light, durable, and one is long tube does not contain any harmful to human body the chemical composition of the (such as mercury Hg, etc). The second is energy-saving fluorescent lamp, fluorescent light more than traditional LED the energy-saving, environmental protection. Has the following advantages:
Had excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially the excellent resistance to impact, tensile strength, bending strength, compression strength high; Creep degeneration, dimension stability; small
-vice has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, in a wider temperature range has the stable mechanical properties, the dimension stability, electricity performance and flame retardancy;
-vice bibulous rate is minor, shrinkage of small size, high accuracy, good stability, size of small, thin film permeability self-extinguishing RTV silicone compound materials;
Oil resistance, not had not resistant to acid and alkali, oxidizing acid and amine, ketone, soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents.
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