Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Infrared LED chips, Arrays, Light Engines & Modules, Tail/rear/turn light, Billboards/ variable message signs
Product price(US$) Location
$400.00 Taiwan
Product issuing date:2011-11-10
Product valid date:Not limited

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Manufacturer Opto Tech Corporation Package Type Troffer
Model No. BY-080FAD-101 Dimension (LxWxHmm) 266x414x266
Color white Luminous Flux (lm) 4450
Power Consumption (W) 80 Voltage (Vf)) full
Weight(kg) 3.5 Datasheet(PDF only)

The LED Bay Light (BY series) consists of lightweight cone-shaped bay lights with a modular design concept. The lights' independent drivers prevent failure, and also enable users to change the number of lights and conserve unneeded power consumption. A low-glare optical design creates an even, appealing illumination. <!--

IRISin Maxx can be both installed indoors and outdoors depending on client needs. The gray scale is 16 bits with billions of color combinations. A lighter, more flexible and conveniently portable product makes the IRISin Maxx as an ideal, customized and versatile lighting solutions with a technological edge.