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  • Primary Business: LED, Epi/chip equip, Chip processing equipment, Chip separation equipment, Epitaxial growth chemicals and gases, Epitaxial growth systems & software
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Product issuing date:2010-08-11
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Metallized Ceramics Tube Send inquiry

supplies custom Metallized ceramic in aluminum oxide ceramics prototype to high volume production capacity

Feed-through insulators ,Headers , High-power receptacles ,Insulating discs ,Insulator rings and cylinders, Precipitator products , Power switches ,Traveling wave tubes ,Vacuum interrupters ,Windows ,Power grid tubes ,X-ray tubes 

Joining types:
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ni
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ag
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Au
Ceramic + printing Ag 

Special types are available according to customer's drawings or samples