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ZLED7030 6~40Vin, Dimming Send inquiry

Manufacturer ZMDI

Brief Description

The ZLED7x30 continuous-mode inductive stepdown
converter family is one of our ZLED LEDcontrol
ICs. It is designed for applications requiring
high brightness and high current. The ZLED7x30
can efficiently drive a single LED or multiple
series-connected LEDs from a voltage input higher
than the LED forward voltage (Vin = 8.5 to
40VDC). It provides an adjustable output current
(1.2A maximum), which is set via an external
resistor and controlled by the ZLED7x30’s
integrated high-side output current-sensing circuit
and high speed internal 40V power switch. Its low
conducting impedance ensures high system efficiency.
The ZLED7x30 provides a switch dimming function.
It detects external switch action to adjust output
current, allowing dimming functionality to be
achieved without changing the original lighting system
The switch dimming is implemented in either twolevel
mode or three-level mode. The output current
of every level and the total number of levels are
customer selected by setting the corresponding
input conditions of DIM1 and DIM2 pin.
The ZLED7x30 enables diverse industrial and
consumer lighting applications requiring high
driving currents, wide operating voltage range,
high efficiency, and variable brightness control. It
offers over-temperature and LED open-circuit
protection. The ZLED7x30 can also minimize billof-
material costs because very few external
components are required for most applications.
Only a resistor, a diode, an inductor, and three
capacitors are needed for a typical basic

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