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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Lane indicator
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Product issuing date:2010-08-28
Product valid date:Not limited

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SL 903 Solar LED Ground Light


1. Solar cell: single/poly Silicon

2. Storage battery: NI-MH

3. Lighting source: LED X 1

4. Lighting color: white, red, blue. green, yellow (or customer specified)

5. Operating modeTurn off during the day and turn on at night automatically.

6. Lighting type: Flash or Steady.

7. Operating time: > 60 hours for flash lighting or >15hours for steady lighting when the battery is fully charged.

8. Operating temperature:  -10 to70 degree C.

9. Mechanical strength: 25 tons.

10. Water proof: IP 68

11. Product life: minimum 3 years.

12. Housing material: Polycarbonate.

13. Dimension: 50(D) X 35mm(H)