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Manufacturer ledventure co.,ltd.

Ph6 outdoor front open front services repair led screen is special series with a very high resolution pixels,
popular for outdoor commercial advertising banners, it allow front access and front repair services design,
ttains a full color 16bits grey level with a very high contrast rate, 
As high density pixels led screen have to be with blanking technology to ensure a perfect image,
usually mounted or fixed into the wall.

Part ONE:  Basic information
- Very high contrast rate and a full color 16 bits grey scale.
- Lower energy consumption, lower heat dissipation and eco-friendly products.
- Wide viewing angels and high brightness for a long viewing distance and enlarge viewing scale.
- Anti-UV & good quality modules to ensure a good flatness of the whole led screen.
- High technology circuit design fo a good heat dissipation,long life splan.
- High precise cabinets and modules to attain high flatness screen view.

Part TWO : Ph6 outdoor front open front services repair led screen technical parameters
Technical data sheet

Part2: Technical parameters - Ph6 outdoor SMD front open front repair services led screen system Para item Description Pixel Pitch 6 mm Led lamps Wave length Red 620-625 nm, Green:525-530 nm,Blue: 470 nm. LED Encapsulation Method SMD3535 Purposes Outdoor led screen series Module Pixel Configuration P6 , SMD Blind spot  0.01% Module Resolution 32*32 pixels Module Size 192*192 mm Cabinet Unit Size 3456x1920mm (Option) Unit resolution 576x320 pixels Unit power consumption 600 W/300W Module QTY 18x10 pcs Material Steel Weight 350 KG Rear cover color Customized Led screen Resolution 27777 pixels/M2 Brightness 6500 nits/M2 Grey scale 65536 level Refresh rate > 2000 HZ Max.power consumption 1000W/M2 Color temperature 9300 K Contrast rate 3000 : 1 Viewing angle H: 120 degree, V: 120 degree life span 50000 hours Protection level IP65 Signal support (with video processor) All kinds of signals such as DVI,HDMI,SDI,HDSDI,VGA etc Control platform XP/WIN7/WIN8/OS X Driving Constant Least viewing distance 6 mts Power input AC 110-240V 50/60HZ


Part THREE: Installation
Front access front services repair led screen installation method general 3 styles: hanging style,mounted style and pile-up style,
these installation need a simple structure to support led screen weight, also considerte cooling system, repair space,etc.

Hanging against the building wall: this installation is mostly in some hot commercial building wall,
with outdoor & indoor advertising led screen, which the wall is required very strong steel structure.

Mounted/inlay in the building wall: This installation is special,it looks like a led screen inlay inside the building wall,
so before we building a led screen, a building structure and repair space should be taken into consideration.


Pile-up installation style: This installaton is simple installation method, led screen is standing on the floor,and a simple structure on rear side,it is mostly seen in commercial building;


Part FOUR: Control system solutions
Simple Syhchronous control system: Computer or laptop + controller (sending box+receiving card)+led screen,this control system solution is widely used for outdoor & indoor commercial advertising led screen.

Complex control system: Computer(or laptop)+video processor+led screen+others signal input parts, this solution is suitable for rental screens or some purposes that required to multified signal inputs.

Wireless & 3G & wifi & internet control system: this solution is suitable for led screen installed far away from control center,And need a servier and internet connection for control system, high costs solution.