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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Billboards/ variable message signs


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$600.00 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-06-30
Product valid date:Not limited

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Manufacturer Shenzhen D-King Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

 High Brightness Outdoor P10 Advertising Display Board LED Video Screen



Quick Details:

1. High color consistency, clear pictures, high brightness, low light failure and long service life

2. Famous brand

3. 72 hours of aging test

4. Free provision of design solution and full quotation

5. Three floors of independent production workshop

6. Month production capacity can reach as high as 4000 square meters

7. Sufficient spare modules and power supplies


Product Performance of Outdoor P10 Led Video Screen:

1. The led video display can display various multimedia files, including video, images, words and programs.

2. The outdoor led video display can display any content on the computer, including office software of word, excel and PowerPoint, so that it is completely the expanded edition of the computer monitor.

3. This outdoor led video display uses reversed polarity luminous chip, and the brightness can reach as high as 8000cd/m², so that it will not fear the front sun shining.

4. The light failure is controlled within 3% per year, thus greatly extending the service life of the led video wall display.

5. The protective grade of outdoor led display video wall can reach IP65, so that it is waterproof, thunderproof and quake proof.


Shenzhen D-King Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of outdoor advertising display board, led video screen, led video display as well as video wall led display. All of our products have got the certification of mainstream quality management system such as ISO9001, RoHS and CE, so customers can rest assured on our product quality.