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$29.20 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-08-20
Product valid date:2015-11-18

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Manufacturer SHENZHEN LEDWILL Technology Co., Ltd

Product Description: 

Building decoration, commercial space, airport, construction engineering, subway, Hospitals, hotels, department stores, square, restaurant, Advertising stereoscopic word, logo , signs, advertising light boxes, as a large area lighting light source to use.

 Product Features:

1. Constant voltage output DC124V, full load current 6.2A max.

2. AC 50V--220V triac dimmer and dimmer curve smoothing, according to the triac rectifier output voltage is proportional to the curve.

3. With output short circuit protection, power protection, overheating protection function.

4. The driver cascade when using please choose appropriate power triac dimmer.

Product Specification:

Item No:DM9125H-24
Dimming voltage:50V-220V AC


Input current:0.5A(120V AC)


Output power:150W

Output current:DC24--6.25max

Output voltage:DC24V