Business Type
  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Billboards/ variable message signs, Large outdoor display board, Rental board
Product price(US$) Location
$1000.00 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-09-10
Product valid date:2015-12-09

P10 Outdoor LED Display Send inquiry

Manufacturer LEDSOLUTION


--- Durable fresh color and High brightness

Design of anti-glare mask with high temperature resistant coating on the surface to absorb direct light, reduce glare, and improve the contrast ratio of display. 
Anti-UV, anti-oxidation module prevents from deformation. 
On-site brightness and chroma calibration can recover the uniformity.



---- High energy efficiency  

Adopt high-brightness LED with low consumption, saving 20% power energy. 
High PFC power supply can cut 20% power consumption. 
Additional temperature, display and brightness management can also save 6% power energy.

---- Stability and reliability

Precise manufacturing process keeps the modules rugged and durable. 
IP65 protection grade, waterproof rubber gasket and military-grade conformal coating enable the display to work in all weather outdoor environments. 
Aircraft-grade connectors of power supply and signal connection are of high reliability, good conductivity and durability, suitable for rapid connection and high frequency use.