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$140.00 Shanghai, China
Product issuing date:2016-03-08
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Manufacturer Shanghai Euchips Industrial CO.,LTD.

12-24VDC 288-576W 1A 24 channel RGB constant voltage dmx decoder PXL24-1-576

DMX decoder PXL24-1-576 adopts the advanced micro-computer control technology and converted the DMX512/1990 digital signal widely used in international to the analog control signal. 1~24 channels output for option and each channel able to achieve 256 gradations of controling, and also it can be used as the connector of PC digital-light controller and analog light modulator. It is mainly used for the controlling of buildings & lights applied LED.

1. Meets DMX512/1990
2. With 256 gradations and full-color contronl
3. With 24 channels output and Max.1A/CH output
4. Can achieve the asynchronous color changes effect under working with DMX controls system.
5. With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~3 colors
6. Set the DMX address code freely
7. With good noiseproof feature
8. Custom-made 

Technical Parameter
Product Name: 12-24VDC 288-576W 1A 24 channel RGB constant voltage dmx decoder
Item: PXL24-1-576
Decode Channels: 24 Channels
Signal Input: DMX-512/1990 Standard digital signal
Signal Output: 0~24V, Max.1A/CH.
Power Supply:     DC12-24V
Power Dissipation: 12V:<288W;24V<576W
Power Output: 12V:<288W;24V<576W
Work Temprture: 0~70℃
Size: L195(mm)*W100(mm)*H18(mm)
Weight: 460g

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