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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Infrared LED chips, UV LED chips
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Product issuing date:2011-06-14
Product valid date:Not limited

LED Source K1 Emitter 1W Send inquiry

Manufacturer Nantec Technologies Corpration

Model Number: N-K1-F-L-A-01-C

Specifications:Aluminum lead frame.
Single crystal, 1W, 350mA light source.
Double crystal, 3W, 700mA light source.
Colors: Red, Green, Blue,Amber, Cool white, Warm
 White.  Infrared Ray ( invisible light), 850nm, 940nm.
 Applications: The lamp devices of PAR series, the devices of bulb lamp, the devices of spot light, the household lighting, the architecture lighting, the stage lighting and the general lighting.  The monitoring equipments, The sensor for automatic doors, The detecting for false.

■ Features
 ● LED high-wattage lighting
 ● Power Supply
 ● No ultraviolet
 ● Low voltage DC operation
 ● ESD protection
 ● A variety of light colors
 ● RoHS compliant