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800W Solar power system Send inquiry

Manufacturer Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd

800W Solar power system(Off Grid)

Stand-alone Solar Power System, Stand-alone PV System or Off-grid Power System operates independent of the electric utility grid (off-grid) and most often uses in remote areas where the utility grid is not available or where the connection fees of the grid are higher than the cost of an alternative energy system. The generated DC power needs to be stored in battery and converted to AC power for supplying to AC loads. Stand-alone Solar Power System suits to use for remote village electrification or rural electrification to provide continuous reliable power at remote locations.

Solar module
60 solar cells and connection in series.
Bypass diode is attached minimize power dropped by shade.
Using optical low iron tempered anti-reflective glass,EVA laminate and Tedlar backsheet.
CE/RoHS certificate
Standard Test Condition(STC): 1000W/m2 ; AM1.5, 25°C

Maximum Power (Pmax): 200W(4pcs)
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) : 35.7V
Maximum Power Current (Ipm) : 6.74A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 29.7V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) : 7.48A
Maximum System Voltage: DC 1000V 
Operation temperature : -40 to + 90°C 
Storage temperature:-40 to + 90°C 
Dimensions: 1630x1000x50mm

Type:Lead-acid Maintenance-free Rechargeable
System Voltage:12V
Capacity:200Ah (4pcs)

Power  :2000W(Pure sine wave)
Output frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Output voltage:AC220V/110V
Precision of output voltage:±3%
Invert efficiency:>94%

Charge Controller
Automatic detection of the voltage
Temperature compensation, with remote temperature sensor
Real LCD clock display, Chinese or English display option
RS232 communication relay, which can realize real time monitoring or downloading history data
System Voltage:48V
Rated Current:30A
Temperature compensation: -30mv/ /℃ 12V
Self-consumption: 6mA maximum

Control Box
Material:Steel box of zinc-plated and lacquer-coated