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50W Home Solar power Send inquiry

Manufacturer Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd

50W Home Solar power System (3HZ-H50w 120W 300W 500W)

Reduce Operating Costs
A solar power system can reduce or eliminate your building's electric bill. Installing a solar power system is equivalent to prepaying for 40 years of power at a fraction of the cost you are currently paying. The cost/unit of energy you are currently paying is already higher than what you would be paying with solar.

Long Term Reliability & Low Maintenance Costs

Operates reliably for long periods of time with virtually no maintenance. Once installed, the solar power system requires little or no maintenance (especially if no batteries are used), and will provide electricity cleanly and quietly for 25 to 40 years. Our solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturer warranty on their production.

Become A "Green" Business
Being a green business can, not only reduce your operating costs, but can be a great source of public relations and a good marketing tool. There are a growing number of consumers who make their buying decisions based on the perceived environmental responsibility of the vendor.
System design:(50w solar home system)
Item Equipment Specification units quantity
1 solar panel 50w /12v PCS 1
2 Battery 50AH/12v PCS 1
3. Controller 5A/12v PCS 1
4 Solar panel bracket Set 1
5 Power box Set 1
6 Cables and screws  Set 1
Operating load with the 50watts system
Item Equipment Specification units quantity Working hours/per day
1 Energy saving lamps 11w/12v PCS 3 5
2 Small TV 9w/12v PCS 1  3
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