Thorn and Zumtobel Supply Tailor-made Lighting for Italian Steel Giant ABS

The headquarters of ABS (Acciaierie Bertoli Safau) are shining in a fresh light to mark the 100th anniversary of the Italian steel manufacturer. The new lighting solution had to satisfy a number of important criteria, optimising costs while simultaneously delivering increased lighting quality and added safety. The huge manufacturing site in the Italian province of Udine operates around the clock and includes storage areas, production halls and offices. Thanks to the close cooperation of all parties involved and the outstanding synergy of the strong Zumtobel Group brands Thorn, Zumtobel and Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS), the customised lighting solution impresses in all areas.

CRAFT from Zumtombel provides both uniform hall lighting and efficient illumination of the high-rack storage sections. (Image: Jürgen Eheim)

An imposing water tower catches the eye even before entering the ABS site, with shrubs and plants positioned at different heights to give the structure a distinctive modern look. The prominent architectural features, greenery and crystal-star-like steel framework with the company logo are highlighted by SUPERSYSTEM outdoor LED luminaires from Zumtobel. Additional Thorn Contract LED RGB floodlights attached to the tower create interesting colour-changing effects, while a LITECOM lighting management system from ZGS enables the setting of dynamic or static lighting scenes via a regular tablet device. 

Isaro and Civiteq from Thorn ensure safety and good visibility across the ABS premises. (Image: Jürgen Eheim)

As the company specialises in long steel goods, the entire ABS site is designed to accommodate extended products. This clearly had a major influence on the lighting solution, as large production areas with increased operational-safety demands had to be illuminated accordingly. Having looked closely at the specific requirements with the customer, the high-efficiency and high-performance CRAFT luminaire from Zumtobel was trialled in the indoor areas. The LED high-bay, which was developed for industrial applications and can withstand ambient temperatures of 55°C, was initially tried in small quantities and then gradually installed throughout the facilities following the successful trial period. Thanks to a combination of wide-beam and narrow-beam versions, CRAFT provides both uniform hall lighting and efficient illumination of the high-rack storage sections. The dedicated narrow-beam optics from Zumtobel were specially designed for large warehouses, guaranteeing optimum performance and extended spacings between the luminaires. In addition, the mechanical design of CRAFT prevents troublesome dust deposits, ensuring optimum thermal management and minimising maintenance in hard-to-reach places.

The external areas of the plant are home to a series of storage, logistics and traffic zones. Thorn Altis Area floodlights with an asymmetric light distribution were installed here for the first time in Italy to specifically comply with the country’s stringent light-pollution laws. The floodlights have been mounted on 30-metre-high masts, enabling a limited number of light points to illuminate the vast area where the goods manufactured in the factory are stored before shipment. The flexible Altis Area floodlight consists of three separate lighting modules, all of which can be combined with different optics and independently swivelled or tilted. This allows the distribution to be adapted to suit any application, regardless of where the masts are located.

The imposing water tower at the entrance of the ABS site is showcased by SUPERSYSTEM outdoor from Zumtobel and Contrast LED from Thorn.  (Image: Jürgen Eheim)

Thorn Isaro road lanterns and the latest generation of the Thorn Civiteq range have been selected for the sizeable road network that spans the ABS premises, taking advantage of the highest levels of energy efficiency and a special gasket system to guarantee lasting performance in all weathers. Long-life converters help further extend the maintenance cycle of these robust luminaires. Thorn Areaflood and Areaflood Pro floodlights can be found in the secondary storage areas and peripheral zones. Optimum light control with minimal stray light ensures pleasant lighting comfort and maximum safety in the dark. Additional Thorn R2L2 lanterns mounted close to the pedestrian crossings enable drivers to easily spot those moving around the site on foot.

Thorn Altis Area floodlights not only provide flexible light distribution but also comply with the country’s stringent light-pollution laws. (Image: Jürgen Eheim)

The new lighting in the offices has been planned to guarantee employees a comfortable environment throughout the whole day, intelligently taking into account the amount of available daylight. The use of projectors and different ways of working are also supported by the tailor-made solution. MIREL evolution from Zumtobel, an advanced form of the conventional louvre luminaire, impresses with its elegant appearance, outstanding photometric performance and great flexibility. This office luminaire range offers a consistent design for offices, conference rooms and corridors, while the blend of a soft light distribution and the brilliant appearance of the fitting enhances the overall quality of the light. At the same time, LED technology, daylight-dependent controls and reduced maintenance requirements all lead to significant savings in terms of energy and costs.

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