Leotek Aims for Larger Market Share in Taiwan with Tunable Color LED Bulbs

Leotek, a subsidiary of LiteOn Technology Corp., has officially announced the debut of its first color tunable LED bulb and entry into the residential lighting market on Nov. 6. The bulb comes with a special patent that allows it to be switched to warm white light within one second. Leotek has taken its past 20 year experience in making good quality foreign outdoor lighting products to the indoor lighting market, said Danny Liao, CEO of New Business Development at Leotek. The new color tunable bulbs have already been distributed in Taiwan, and are expected to enter the Chinese bulb market in early 2014. The company aims to grab a 10 percent market share in the Taiwan market in 2014, and aims to acquire 30 percent market share in Taiwan and China in the next three years.

Speaking about Leotek’s return to Taiwan and entry into the indoor lighting market, Liao pointed out the Taiwanese bulb market is quickly growing. Taiwan’s bulb market is estimated to reach 4 million by 2014, and Leotek aims to take a 10 percent share of the Taiwan bulb market. In early 2014, Leotek will also be entering China’s market. The company’s goal is to acquire 30 percent market share in Taiwan and China.

 Danny Liao, CEO of New Business Development at Leotek and other officials at the company's  color tunable LED product launch ceremony. (LEDinside)

Leotek’s color tunable LED bulb uses a special heat dissipation channel design to ensure hot air will not accumulate. In addition, the bulb meets the two year lifespan guarantee, and meets IEC standards for 320 degree omnidirectional lighting. The most special feature of the bulb is its patented mechanical rotational structure that allows the bulb to switch to warm white light within one second. At the same time, the LED bulb received CNS 15436 LED bulb safety and IEC 62471 photobiological safety recognition.

The color tunable LED bulb comes in 10 and 13 watt specs, with 810 and 1055 lumens respectively. The white color LED has a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is 5000K, while warm light is 3000K. The LED chips used are 12 and 16 respectively with 3030 LED specs.

 A show girl shows off Leotek's color tunable LED bulbs. (LEDinside)

Compared to other companies color tunable LED bulbs, most bulbs sold on the market add in a control chip for color tuning. However, Leotek’s LED uses a mechanical rotation design, and coats phosphor on top of the light guide plate. The bulbs color can be changed manually by rotation. 

Another less common design seen on the market adopted by Leotek has been the introduction of light guide plate materials into LED bulb design. The light guide plate can help the bulb achieve uniform lighting. To solve LED bulb heat dissipation issues, the Leotek bulb has added a special channel design that ensures hot air does not accumulate. Heat dissipation glue has also been injected into the light module to improve the overall LED bulb heat dissipation effect.

Leotek was founded in 1992 and has 20 years of business operation in the U.S. market. The company has managed commercial lighting market including streetlights, traffic signs, gas stations, refrigerators, display designs, and commercial signs. Leotek has even installed in Canada, the first road with streetlights in the world. The company currently has a 30 percent market share in North America street lights, and has a nearly 100% market share in the San Francisco traffic light market. 

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