LEDinside: Top 10 LED Demand and Supply Market Trends in 2018

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 2017-2021 LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base- 3Q17, LED market value in 2017 is projected to increase by +7.4 %YoY to USD 17.16 billion, in the light of 2017’s trends that the LED market price stayed stable and that the automotive lighting and architectural lighting field are enlarging fast.

LEDinside analyzed top 10 LED demand and supply market trends in 2018, including IT display market, general lighting market trend, architectural and landscape lighting market trend, automotive LED market trend, display market trend, infrared LED market trend, UV LED market trend and LED supply market analysis

Trend I: Mobile Market- Mini LED Backlight Products Have the Chance to Be Introduced into Mobile Phone Backlight Application in 2018
Trend II: TV Market- WCG and QD (Quantum Dot) are the Technology Directions to Make Differentiation for TV Manufacturers
Trend III: General Lighting Market- The Time it Takes to Make the Market Become Saturated for Potential LED Lamp Installation is 10 Years.
Trend IV: Architectural and Landscape Lighting Market- Evening Economy Boosts Architectural and Landscape Lighting Market
Trend V: Automotive Lighting- Fast-Growing China Represents the Largest Automotive Market Opportunities Worldwide
Trend VI: Automotive Market- LED Usage Volume for Automotive Panels is On the Rise
Trend VII: Digital Display Market- Mini LED Becomes the Focus among Digital Display and Challenges Medium-Density Retina Display Technology
Trend VIII: Infrared LED Market- IR LED Market Value Will Grow at CAGR of 15% in 2016-2021
Trend IX: UV-C LED Price Driver Market Scale
Trend X: LED Chip Market Reboot the Expansion Plan ....More

LEDinside: Top Six LED Supply and Demand Market Trend in 2017

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 2017-2021 LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base- 2Q17, mainly analyzes top six LED demand and supply market trend in 2017, including IT display market, lighting market trend, automotive LED market trend, display market trend, infrared LED market trend and LED supply market analysis.

Topic Six: LED Supply Market Analysis

Thanks to the cost advantage, Chinese LED manufacturers achieved increasing market share in middle and low field. Therefore, international LED manufacturers were almost defeated in this furious competition, then they commissioned Chinese LED manufacturers to be their contract manufacturers. As a result, Chinese LED manufacturers’ production capacity kept releasing; and at the same time, they expanded production capacity of LED package components & LED wafers in order to receive international LED manufacturers’ OEM orders. ...More

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LED Supply Chain - Backlight / Lighting / Automotive / Display / UV LED / IR LED
Major LED Package Ranking in Applications
Major LED Manufacturer Quarterly Update

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LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base

Demand Market Forecast:
2017-2022 Demand Market Forecast
(Projection and Display / General Lighting / Architectural Lighting / Automotive- Passenger Car / Digital Display / SSL Like / UV LED / IR LED)


1Q (February) / 3Q (August)

Supply Market Analysis:
1. Chip market revenue (external sales, total sales)
2. WW new MOCVD chamber installation volume / WW accumulated MOCVD chamber installation / WW new and accumulated MOCVD by K465i
3. Epi wafer market demand (total / by size)

LED Chip Market Analysis:
Top 10 Chip vendors' MOCVD installation, wafer capacity, and revenue

LED Package Market Analysis:
LED package vendors' revenue and LED revenue
Top 10 LED package revenues in Backlight, Lighting, COB, Automotive, Display, UV LED and IR LED (TBD)

LED Industry Price Survey

Price Survey - Sapphire / Chip / LED Package / Bulb


1Q (February) / 2Q (May) / 3Q (August) / 4Q (November)

LED Market Demand and Supply Analysis

Demand Market:
General Lighting
Automotive- Truck (2Q) / Truck (4Q)
Infrared LED Market (2Q) / UV LED Market (4Q)
μLED (4Q)


2Q (May) / 4Q (November)

Supply Market:
MOCVD Market
Wafer and Chip Market, URT
Supply and Demand Sufficiency Analysis

LED Industry Quarterly Update

Major Players Quarterly Update:
EU- Philips Lighting, Philips Lumileds, Osram Licht AG, and Osram Opto
US- Cree
JP- Nichia, Toyoda Gose, Citizen, and Stanley
KR- Samsung, LG Innotek, Seoul Semi, and Lumens
TW- Epistar, Opto Tech, Epileds, Everlight, Lextar, Lite-on, AOT, Unity-Opto, Harvatek, and Brightek
CN- San’an Opto, Changelight, HC SemiTek, Aucksun, ETi, Nationstar, Honglitronic, Refond, Jufei, MTC, ChangFang Lighting, MLS


1Q (February) / 2Q (May) / 3Q (August) / 4Q (November)

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