The global market intelligence firm TrendForce has been at the forefront of research on the global semiconductor industry. Furthermore, Compuforum, a major conference organized by TrendForce every year at Computex Taipei, is the premier, must-attend event for well-known technology brands and suppliers. Topics that will be discussed at this year’s Compuforum include cloud computing, mobile processors, memory components, next-generation wireless solutions and other technological developments vital to the growth of the mobile device sector.

Representatives from SanDisk and Marvell, leading-edge storage and computing solution developers, will be at Compuforum 2017 to present their latest offerings for cloud applications. Also, Avril Wu – chief analysts from TrendForce’s memory research division, DRAMeXchange – will be there to share the latest analyses on trends in the server system. This year’s Compuforum provides a great opportunity for attendees to network with important international players in the fields of processor chips, memory and cloud computing. In addition to gaining valuable insights from industry heavyweights and top analysts, attendees have a chance to build profitable, long-term relationships with influential decision makers.

Admission to Compuforum 2017 is free of charge. Seating is limited so advance registration for the event is required. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity – REGISTER NOW!

Christopher Bergey
Michael Zimmerman
Quanda Storage Inc.
Robert Hsiao
Avril Wu
Storage and Compute at the Edge Modularity – The Next ODM Evolution in the Cloud SSD Solutions for The Cloud Computing Server Market as Future Demand Driver

Time Agenda
13:30-14:10 Storage and Compute at the Edge SanDisk
Christopher Bergey
GM and VP of Embedded Solutions of Western Digital
14:10-14:40 Modularity – The Next ODM Evolution in the Cloud Marvell
Michael Zimmerman Vice President and General Manager, Networking Group
14:40-15:00 Break
15:00-15:30 SSD Solutions for The Cloud Computing Quanda Storage Inc.
Robert Hsiao
Manager of New Product BU Device Solution BG, Sales Marketing Dept.
15:30-16:00 Server Market as Future Demand Driver TrendForce
Avril Wu
Research Director

The Agenda is preliminary and subject to change without notice.

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About TrendForce Compuforum 2017
Date:May 31st, 2017 (2nd day of Computex)
Location:4F VIP Room, Taipei International Convention Center, TICC
Fee:Free Admission- Registration is required
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