Multiple Applications Will Broaden Business Opportunities For the Industry of IR LED and IR Laser, Expects LEDinside

According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, the markets of the IR LED/ IR Laser and optical sensor applications will witness a broad variety of business opportunities give that major IR products, such as security surveillance systems, and new tools and applications, including facial recognition, iris recognition, pulse oximetry sensor, virtual reality, gaming notebook, IR touch panel, and automotive sensors, are under continuous development. ...More

Diverse Applications to Expand Global IR LED Market to US$792 Million in 2021, Says LEDinside

The value of the infrared (IR) LED market worldwide continues to grow due to rising demand in various applications markets, according to the 2016~2021 Global LED Industry Demand and Supply Database Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. Applications such as security surveillance systems , virtual reality (VR) devices and facial and iris recognition solutions will push up the value of the global IR LED market from about $300 million in 2016 to US$792 million in 2021. Note this estimation excludes revenue from the optical sensor market. ...More

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Opens New Opportunities in IR LED Market, Says LEDinside

In response to the rising demand for mobile payment, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 includes iris recognition as a standard feature that assists in user authentication. The arrival of Galaxy Note 7 is expected to trigger a new round of hardware competition among smartphone brands as they will also likely to incorporate iris recognition into their flagship devices. According to the latest analysis from LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, iris and facial recognition features will gradually become prevalent in mobile devices. LEDinside further estimates that in 2020, global shipments of mobile devices with iris and facial recognition features will reach 400 million units. By that time, the market value of infrared LEDs (IR LEDs) for iris and facial recognition will total around US$250 million. Thus, biometric recognition has become one of the most potentially profitable applications for IR LEDs. ...More

Measuring Heart Rates with Light Technology Applications Expands in Wearables and Potentially Home Healthcare Applications, Says LEDinside

The combined shipments of smartwatches and smart bands will reach 7.5 million units this year, and 90% of which will be equipped with optical sensor components used for pulse rate monitoring, according to the 2016 UV LED and IR LED Application Markets Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. Shipments of smartwatches and smart bands together will total 170 million units by 2020, and all of them are expected to incorporate optical sensor components. A common sensor system that measure pulse rate and blood oxygen concentration is the reflective photoplethymography (PPG) sensor. Due to opportunities in health and fitness trends, the reflective PPG sensor is gradually becoming an integral part of most wearable devices. Additionally, wearable optical sensors that can track pulse rate and other health-related data have huge potential in the home healthcare market. ...More

LEDinside 2017 IR LED / IR Laser and Optical Sensor Market Report

Release: 01 January 2017
Language: Chinese / English
Format: PDF
Page: 182

  • Infrared LED and Infrared Laser Market Overview
  • Infrared LED Market Scale
  • Infrared LED Market Technology
  • IR Laser Market Technology
  • Infrared Application Market Opportunities
  • Market Opportunities- Security Surveillance
  • Market Opportunities- Iris v.s. Face Recognition
  • Market Opportunities- Pulse Oximetry
  • Market Opportunities- Proximity Sensor
  • Market Opportunities- Auto Focus
  • Market Opportunities- Gaming Notebook Market
  • Market Opportunities- Optical Touch Panel
  • Market Opportunities- Industrial Robot Market
  • Market Opportunities- Robot Vacuum Market
  • Market Opportunities- Time of Flight
  • Market Opportunities- Virtual Reality Market
  • Market Opportunities- Automotive Application Summary
  • Market Opportunities- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market
  • Market Opportunities- Driver Monitoring and Warning System
  • Market Opportunities- Occupant Detection
  • Market Opportunities- Optical Sensor
  • IR LED / IR Laser Major Players and Business Model Analysis
  • Market Opportunities
    • Product Design
    • Manufacturer Supply Chain
    • Market Scale
    • Opportunity and Challenge

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