LEDinside: Vietnam Lighting Market to Become the Spotlight in Emerging Countries

Vietnam is the world's 14th-most-populous country as well as emerging market, and its GDP has climbed in recent years, with annual growth more than 6%, its economic take-off attracts huge foreign investment, so it is believed that Vietnam market will be booming soon. In view of the opportunities to popularize LED lighting in Vietnam, the increase in electricity consumption also provides great opportunities for LED business in Vietnam besides its economic take-off. The Vietnam smart lighting market is expected to reach about USD 18 million in 2017, will exceed USD 60 million by 2020.

Therefore, LEDinside estimated that the LED lighting market scale in 2017 in Vietnam reached USD 420 million at the annual growth rate of 20.6%. Furthermore, the smart lighting developed late in Vietnam, and which is only adopted in the outdoor and high-end commercial lighting places at present. The Vietnam smart lighting market is expected to reach about USD 18 million in 2017, will exceed USD 60 million by 2020. LEDinside has made the summaries on each chapter of the report to show the whole picture of Vietnam lighting market. ...More

Vietnam’s LED Lighting Market to Reach US$348 Million in 2016 as Domestic Demand Takes Off, Says LEDinside

Chu also pointed out that many international LED lighting companies have set up factories in Vietnam due to the low cost of labor. The Vietnamese government moreover has embarked on a series of large infrastructure projects that are made possible by the development aid from China, Japan and South Korea. These projects drive the local demand for outdoor LED lighting. Because public projects commissioned by the government tend to favor domestic companies, international LED lighting companies need to work with local counterparts to enter the country’s infrastructure market. ...More

Vietnam’s LED Lighting Demand Boost Caused By the Establishment of Factories And Infrastructure

As a fast-developing emerging market, Vietnam provides a good environment for LED lighting business investment and market exploration considering its economy, infrastructure, and resources serve as a solid foundation. What is more, the consuming ability of Vietnamese citizens is rising, and the domestic demand thus started to grow, after China and Thailand. At the early exploring stage, corporations can advertise their products through partner distributors’ promotion. After that, they could cultivate the popularity of their brands with help from the government or get access to local channels through M&As to succeed in the expansion to the local market. ...More

LEDinside 2017 Vietnam Lighting Market Report

Release: 01 November 2017
Language: Chinese / English
Format: PDF

  • Chapter I Analysis on Overall Economy
  • Chapter II Infrastructure Construction Development
  • Chapter III Vietnam Lighting Market Scale and Trend
  • Chapter IV Lighting Manufacturers and Strategy Analysis
  • Chapter V Main Lighting Exhibitions Introduction
  • Chapter VI Main Channel Agencies and Engineering Service Providers
  • Chapter VII LED Lighting Product Specification and Price Analysis
  • Chapter VIII Lighting Policies, Regulations and Bidding Project Status
  • Chapter IX Suggestions and Analysis on Entering Vietnam Lighting Market

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