Everlight To Display Extensive Product Portfolio at China Electronic Fair 2015

EVERLIGHT, one of the leading LED manufacturers in the world, is going to showcase a wide variety of product lines in China Electronic Fair in Shanghai this year, including highly efficient lighting, IR and car products that have been the center of attention all year round. EVERLIGHT is capable of satisfying customers’ expectation for high-quality products, and offers a one-stop, all-round solution for best service available with every need.

Highly Efficient 5630D Series features an Optical Efficiency of 200lm/W or more

EVERLIGHT launched several ultra-high efficiency series this year in response to the rigorous demands in the market for illumination efficiency. Among all, the 5630KK5D series provides the best performance. Using plastic materials with high reflection/lifetime and an improved optical structures, EVERLIGHT’s 5630KK5D series is optimized to obtain the industry’s highest optical efficiency of 200 lm/W (5000K). This fits the demands of commercial light tubes for extremely high illumination and makes the entire fixture more energy efficient. The COB series features a complete array of wattage (2-50W), high performance and flexibility for installation. M08 (1204) and M09 (1208) series are designed with highly thermal conductive aluminum-coated substrate for effective heat dissipation and keeping the lighting fixture stable. All EVERLIGHT’s COBs have to go through the LM80 lumen maintenance test and are provided with accessories such as standardized holders, appropriate reflectors and more is available in the aftermarket. They are the best in the market in terms of stability, efficiency and price/performance ratio.

EVERLIGHT’s Highly Efficient 5630D Series. (Everlight/LEDinside)

The Horticulture LED is an Effective Alternative for the Control of Plant Growth

This year EVERLIGHT made a breakthrough in the special application of horticulture lighting. Along the entire spectrum of lights absorbed by plants, the wavelengths of 430nm, 660nm and 730nm provide the most satisfying effects for the growth of plants’ roots, stems and leaves. EVERLIGHT is the first in the industry to incorporate 0.2W / 0.5W 2835 and 1W ceramics 3535 in one single package for the three wavelengths mentioned above. Proprietary materials are used to protect against the UV shock in the short-wave blue light. LED illumination as an alternative makes it possible for the control of plant growth, achieving the true high-quality horticulture LEDs. EVERLIGHT has received quite a lot of positive feedbacks since Q1 this year, and the market seems to grow on it.

Wide Variety of Applications for IR

EVERLIGHT features a complete array of IR application products, such as IR LEDs for receiving/transmission and photo transistors/photo diodes. These products are perfect for many applications, such as oximeter, robot cleaner and power meter. For example, IRR60-48C/TR8 features a combination of 660nm IR and 905nm IR that both work well with high-speed, highly sensitive PIN photodiode, perfect for oximeters and other applications that are extremely demanding for test accuracy and correct diagnosis. IR/PT and IRM are used in robot cleaners for prevention of collision and falling, remote control and positioning. The IR-333H0/L10 provides a viewing angle of 40° when coupled with PT2559-6B, whereas IR67-21C/L261/S65/TR8 provides a wider viewing angle of 120° when paired with PT67-21/L606/TR8. The viewing angle is determined by the design of receiving end. In general, 30° will be enough for most applications. However, EVERLIGHT has a product line of IR/PT featuring a wide viewing angle up to 120°. For IRM (infrared remote control receiver module), there are IRM-56384, IRM-3638J2, IRM3638T and IRM-3638C2 to allow clients to choose based on communication protocols and interference resistance. At the same time, the global demands for power and the percentage of renewable power are increasing and we are in the time when old, outdated power facilities are at the brink of replacement, there is a huge demand for smart power meters in the market. For this, EVERLIGHT is going to showcase a product line of power meters at the show in addition to IR, IRM and photo couplers. Everyone is welcomed to stop by at EVERLIGHT’s booth and see for yourself.

Automotive LEDs featuring High Performance and Quality

EVERLIGHT launched a good number of high-performance product lines for automotive lights. For the headlamps, we have highly efficient LED light sources ranging from single-chip, 2-chip, 3-chip, 4-chip and all the way to 5-chip configurations. These allow the packaging of head light elements in a single package and the modular packaging design for the flexible applications of clients. With ingenious technical integration of optics, electronics and thermal dynamics, EVERLIGHT has figured out how to line up multiple chips with extremely small spacing (0.075mm), making the light emission a lot more focused on a single point. This provides a much sharper cutoff line for LED headlamp optics. In addition, the super thermal conductivity design keeps the thermal resistance of 5-chip LED headlamp elements under (J-S) 1.1℃/W for significant illumination efficiency. Apart from headlamps, EVERLIGHT has come up with a product line of LED elements featuring different wattages for daytime running lights. The wattage ranges from 0.5W~2W, allowing the products to be used in straight-shot optics and surface source light guide design for better fluidity design of daytime running lights. For tail lights, EVERLIGHT launched 1~2W tail light LEDs in addition to the existing 0.1W~0.5W products. The 2W product features great heat dissipation and low thermal resistance, perfect for light guide and surface source design as it gives much better performance in light flux. For automotive product series, the new golden lead frame series is recently added to the existing silver lead frame series for better quality and sulfur resistance. This keeps the products in tip-top conditions while the car is driving in harsh environment, thus satisfying the demands for high performance and quality for car products in difficult situations.

EVERLIGHT has been a top player in the LED industry for 32 years. We have a professional team of experts specialized in R&D, sales and marketing. We always focus on what the clients need and provide the right solution for all kinds of applications. EVERLIGHT provides one-stop optoelectronics solutions for every need.

EVERLIGHT Electronics sincerely invites you to visit our booth during China Electronic Fair 2015

Booth number: 2A023

Date: Nov 11-13, 2015

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