Everlight Exhibits New Lighting and Backlight Products at LED EXPO KOREA 2015

Everlight Electronics, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, will exhibit the complete range of LED products like lighting, backlight, flash, signage and infrared LED at the LED EXPO KOREA 2015, including new products in this quarter. EVERLIGHT expects to meet one-stop demand for our customers based on the complete product combination.

XI2016W with Small Size and Ultra-wide Angle

Owing to the increasing demands of small-size lighting product on the Korean market, the popular 2835 series (0.2 & 0.5W) along with XI2016W series promoted in this season are new option, where 2835 series reduce the whole package size. With the advantage of ultra-wide angle, not only the quantity of LED but also the tube cost are reduced in the same light, beneficial to the cost. The efficiency of 5630HE series (0.2W) can reach up to 180lm/W at Warm White, even up to 190lm/W for 5700K. The quantity of LED bonding can efficiently reduce owing to the high lumen output, the whole fixtures set can save more energy, suitable for the tubes and downlights. EVERLIGHT’s UV LEDs for special applications emit the wavelength at 365nm, 385nm and 405nm with the emitting angle from 30°-120°, suitable for wide range applications such as curing for industrial PCB substrate, lamps for exposure unit, ink drying for printer, disinfection, money verifier, nail curing and tanning machine. Compared with the traditional mercury lamps, the UV LEDs save more energy and have the faster response to provide a new application in the future.

A crowd gathers at Everlight's booth. (Everlight/LEDinside)

Diversified Package Backlight Products Demonstrate Most Natural and Brightest Screen Color

In the meantime, EVERLIGHT provides the backlight products with the diversified package (top view/side view). 3004, 3006 and 3010 series are side view LEDs which meet the medium- and small-size devices like mobile phones, tablet PCs, monitor and notebook computers. 4020 and 7020 series are suitable for edge-type TVs. EVERLIGHT’s backlight products possess low power consumption, high NTSC and ultra-high brightness, so that the mobile phones/TVs can demonstrate the most natural and brightest screen color.

ELCU03 Series for Flash Applications with Better Efficiency and High Illumination

On the flash LED market, EVERLIGHT promotes the products for high-, middle- and low-end mobile phones, where ELCU03 and ELCH08 are most focused. ELCU03 series are designed with the module, which have been converged by secondary optics. No optical lens is required to efficiently avoid error during the assembly, and further enhance the whole efficiency and stability with uniform illumination. ELCH08 is the current product, which is ideal for flash applications due to high brightness and better cost/performance ratio.

HNB353 Series for Signage with Anti-reflection and Durability

New HNB353 series with 3.5x3.5x2.8mm have high contrast. Because the dim surface has the anti-reflection ability, the quality and durability can apply for the demands of outdoor signage. Besides, EVERLIGHT still provides 18-035 (0.5x0.5mm), 18-039B (0.8mm x 0.8mm) and 18-038 (1.0mm x 1.0mm) with high brightness, long lifetime, energy saving and fast response, individually suitable for below P1, P1.2-P1.6 and P1.6-P2.5, widely applied for indoor HD display, so that the customers can choose by their demands.

Most Comprehensive Product Portfolios for a wide range of Applications
EVERLIGHT will also showcase automotive LEDs including high-power LEDs for headlights, 4-chip and 5-chip package series. For optical technology, EVERLIGHT keep multiple chips at very tiny spacing through rigorous and leading key technology. The strength of this is to allow the light to converge close to a single light source, thus providing a much clearer cut-off line required for headlight optics, fitting for a wide range of applications including headlights, daytime running lights and fog lights. Additionally, a series of infrared products will be on display at the show. The infrared product lines IRM, ALS (Ambient Light Sensor), PLT (Photo Link), IR/PT/PD LED and couplers cover a wide range of applications. Examples are infrared remote controls and automatic adjustment of monitor backlight, audio/video signal transmission over fiber optics, power control for TV, and sensors for home vacuuming and automatic floor sweeping machines. A complete portfolio of couplers is capable to satisfy the needs for industrial control panels, including applications for power supply, electrical metering, communications equipment, UPS and solar power. EVERLIGHT's wide product range satisfies all customer demands and makes our lives more convenient.

EVERLIGHT Electronics sincerely invites you to visit our booth during LED EXPO KOREA 2015
Booth number: Hall 3 E01
Date: June 23-26, 2015


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