EVERLIGHT Product Portfolio Performance Enhanced to Light up the Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition

Everlight to showcase latest lighting, automotive and signage components at Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition. (EVERLIGHT/LEDinside)

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. , a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, exhibits its full series of lighting, automotive and signage components inclusive of new products of UV series (UVA&UVC), DOB, the complete sets of 2835 series, together with the 3030CLU(AM) series for automotive-exterior installation. To strengthen the impression and understanding of customers, in this exhibition, real devices of lighting applications and vehicle-used modules are accompanied next to every demonstrated component especially. We sincerely welcome your visit for personal experience. (Booth Number: Hall 10.2, B02)

The Broadly Divergent Applications of UVA and UVC Series

In response to market demands and trends, we launch 7 kinds of UV products wherein 5 kinds products are UVA (wavelength 365nm~400nm) designed by high power 1.8W and low power 0.08W. There are various sizes available (from 2.0x1.6mm to 4.5x4.5mm) with selectable viewing angle options of 120°, 50° and 30° separately. Additionally, there are 2 kinds of products, UVC (wavelength 270nm~290nm), ELUC and ELUMC with 2mW and 20mW. Their viewing angle is 120° and both are functioned with antistatic ability rated at 8KV to prevent from the damage caused by static electricity. They are broadly applicable to different realms such as industrial PCB colloid curing, helping dry printer ink, phototherapy, all kinds of sterilization, biological analysis and detections, water and air purification, counterfeit checking, nail curing and humane suntan machines.

DOB Series is Bilaterally Advantaged with Easy Installation and Cost-effective Drivers

The new products, DOB series, is installed with the components of EVERLIGHT 2835 series. They are available for various sizes and wattages. Circular products are selectable for φ33 and φ90 and square products are optional for 33x33mm, 50x50mm and 180x80mm. EVERLIGHT DOB products are advantaged with easy installation, cost-effective drivers and adjustable lightning sources quite suitable for the applications of downlights, ceiling lights and bulbs.

The Most Divergent and Complete Lighting Component Solutions to Entirely Satisfy Different Demands among Customers EVERLIGHT owns the most complete lighting solutions wherein the products of 2835 series enjoy the highest frequencies of market inquires with a complete sets of series available such as 0.2W, 0.5W and 1.0W with the voltages separately rated at 3V, 6V, 9V and18V. These products are also optional for the versions of high luminous efficiency, high voltages (24V、30V) and high color rendering (CRI>90, R9>50). This year, our indicative products with extra-high luminous efficiency, the 5630HE KK7D series (0.2-0.5W), are functioned with the luminous efficiency reachable 220lm/W. They can be easily installed into lamping tubes with high luminous efficiency of 150lm/W above. Other products with high power like Shwo F and various COB series (JU, XUAN, filaments) will be demonstrated in the exhibition. In response to market demands, EVERLIGHT has improved the overall efficiency of the product series. No matter in performance or C/P ratios, EVERLIGHT can provide corresponding solutions depending on different demands from customers. 

The 4-in-1 RGBW Series Functioned with Overall Color Mixing Fields are Exactly the Preferable Choice for Stage Lights.

The debut 4-in-1 RGBW series (size: 6.0x6.0x4.0mm) is functioned with the wavelength range 450-650nm, the overall color mixing fields of red, green, blue and white colors. The driven current is 700mA available to ensure the stable luminance with high quality under large driven current. They are designed with the viewing angel at 130° and functioned with color controllability. Users can make settings depending on their own preference quite suitable for atmosphere construction including colorful stage lights and concerts.

Various Kinds of Automotive LEDs are advantaged with High Quality and C/P Ratios. 

Automotive LEDs are the focus products for EVERLIGHT in this year. With improved optical specifications of components, the overall quality and reliability of components are also improved meanwhile. The new high-power automotive-exterior LED products are installed with 3030CLU(AM) series and designed with highly effective ceramic gold plated lead frame supports with 4 different colors optional, namely white, pc-amber, red and super red. They are suitable for exterior installation of automotive such as daytime running lights, turning lights, brake lights, CHMSL and other applications. Headlamps are available for the light sources of 4-chip or 5-chip packages (Headlamp 2-5 chip). Multiple chips are controllable in an extremely small gap allowable to approach a single light source. The optical requirement of headlamps can be further improved to make light-dark cutoff lines more clear. Compared with traditional standard halogen bulbs, the visibility of road surface is enhanced and the applicable demands of headlamps, daytime running lights and frog lights can be well satisfied. New automotive-interior products, 67-63U (AM) series, are designed with 3-chip and gold lead frame PLCC6 package. With the strengths of golden lead frame for sulphur resistance and its very compact three-in-one concept to light up the RGB colors separately, EVERLIGHT's 67-63U(AM) series allows for an exceptionally effective, convenient and comfortable use. The displayed colors are rich and transit smoothly, perfectly suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications like control units, switches and clusters. All EVERLIGHT products comply with the most reliable and strict vehicle norms (AEC-Q101). EVERLIGHT has spent 30 more years in the LED packaging industry wherein it has 10 more years of practical experience in automotive-installed LEDs. With the R&D experience benefited from long-term effort, we are highly confident to satisfy the demands of the customers from car makers.  

EVERLIGHT integrates the professional teams of R&D, sales and marketing, together with the professional development energy accumulated for 30 more years, to continually pursue innovation and breakthrough with various impeccable product solutions available for customers.

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