Think New! with Wings Engine Raw 8K at Paris Motor Show 2016

Think New!  - that was the theme behind Volkswagen AG Group’s gigantic Media and show presence at the Paris Motor Show 2016 held at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles from 1 – 16 October 2016.
Proud of their achievements for Volkswagen, the team at technical and engineering firm FILMTEC worked with the client from day one on usage and integration of media including LED, video, audio and lighting. Additionally, Creative Technology provided their technical back up and expertise throughout the project out of their London operation.
“Our aim was to improve playback performance and reduce client costs utilising less hardware with more outputs and to streamline the content workflow using ‘group of picture’ formats instead of container-based codecs,” explained Wolfgang Nothnagel, CEO at FILMTEC.
Telling the story of Volkswagen
(AV Stumpfl/ LEDinside)
At the global press event at the booth, the Volkswagen brand presented its future plans as well as the mobility of tomorrow dubbed TOGETHER Strategy 2025. The presentation included the new ID game-changer prototype vehicle. The entire press event utilised real-time effects playback from Wings Engine Raw 8K.
“We used all the techniques you can possibly think of were used on just one performance space, such as big graphics or projection mapping, making it essentially the “Eurovision” show for cars!” said Nothnagel. “It used a classic single presenter and audience theme which has made a bit of a comeback into presentations!”
Uncompressed content for show days
Each presentation saw German multimedia experts, FILMTEC reduce the media server hardware by 30% from previous years, whilst delivering ‘all options included’ uncompressed 1080p 50fps content simultaneously to an area measuring 107 square meters, over 12 high-resolution LED screens relying on none other than Wings Engine Raw 8K uncompressed media server.
For the entire show, Nothnagel explained: “Playback was achieved using four separate streams in 1080p50 and 1 stream in UHDp50,” explained Nothnagel. “For each stream, we mapped several ROE Blackface 3.9mm LED surfaces to streamline the playback process. Using an individual LED controller we could adjust pixels on each surface individually as required,”
“For this market, Wings Engine Raw 8K beats any competition and we delivered uncompressed playback for the media nights and show in the quality in which it was made, which is a big thing for car shows. It was the best option we could have had,” explained Nothnagel.
He added: “Wings Engine Raw 8K combines high-end picture quality and error free playback with the fast editing capability of a layer based workflow. We love the functionality for uncompressed video playback. What we achieved, could not have been possible a year ago. Until last year you had to decide if you want a lot of features that goes with a lower video quality. With the AV Stumpfl Wing Engine Raw 8K you can have uncompressed without compromise.“
FILMTEC also designed a built-in Dante audio interface using a fully digital audio network.
“Paris was our first project and because it exceeded all our expectations, we will continue our path using Wing Engine Raw 8K for Volkswagen Group at Detroit and Geneva 2017. This will have a 90-meter wide LED UHD screen. Wings Engine Raw 8K is our preferred tool of the trade, when the highest quality playback is required,” concluded Nothnagel.
Watch the Press Event:
(Volkswagen/ LEDinside)

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