EVERLIGHT Showcases New Signage Products at LED China 2016

EVERLIGHT, one of the global leaders in LED manufacturing, is going to showcase signage LEDs, lighting and infrared products in LED China 2016 along with corresponding fixtures and modules. We sincerely welcome your visit for personal experience. (Stand: Hall E4, C21). 

The signage products is one of EVERLIGHT’s main focuses of this show. EVERLIGHT has a complete line of indoor and outdoor signage LED solutions, including PCB, PLCC and lamps. From single/triple-chip packages, single/full-color elements to a wide spectrum of emitting angles, EVERLIGHT has the right signage solution for you. 18-035 is the world’s smallest triple-chip package (0.55x0.55mm) featuring vertical chip arrangement, perfect for indoor signage boards with the spacing of P0.7mm. The rapid double-scan concept is introduced in 19-049(0.95x0.95mmRGGB). The resolution (the density of visual pixels) is quadrupled without any need for additional LEDs. Both series feature LED of small spacing, thus providing virtually seamless connection. The colors of 8K UHD provide the natural, realistic effect of high contrast. The outdoor HNB195 series (1.9x2.1x1.85mm) features waterproofing, UV and vulcanization resistance and highly reliable guarantee of quality, perfect for large outdoor, full-color signage applications.

EVERLIGHT showcases new LED signage products at LED China 2016. An EVERLIGHT booth at a lighting show. (EVERLIGHT/LEDinside)

EVERLIGHT has a complete line of lighting solutions. The 2835 series, which is the most talked about series in the market, is the eye catcher. It features 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0W as well as 3V, 6V, 9V and 18V. There are high lighting performance version and high voltage version (24V, 30V) and high color render index version (CRI>90, R9>50) available for selection. This year’s top feature, the ultra high lighting performance 5630HE KK7D series (0.2-0.5W) provides up to 220lm/W of performance, easily making up high performance light tubes of 150lm/W or more. Also showcased at the showroom floor are UVA and UVC series, both featuring a wide range of applications from curing of the glues applied on industrial PCBs, light source for exposurers, ink drying for printing systems, disinfection and sterilization, biological analysis and testing, water and air purification, money detector pens, manicure to tanning machine. EVERLIGHT has the right solution for your need. 

Massive quantities of resource have been thrown into the establishment of surveillance and security applications as more and more attention is paid to anti-terrorism efforts and security of the general society in recent years, and this is where infrared (IR) products come in. Light sensors (ALS-PDIC243-3C) tell you whether there is sufficient lights in the environmentg; if there is not, the IR LEDs (HIR-C19D or HIR333C) provide additional illumination to boost the cameras’ capability to see at night (or in dark environment). Optical coupler EL817 provides isolation from the outside environment, preventing damage to machines in special cases of, for example, lightning strikes. EVERLIGHT also provides PhotoTriac and SSR (Solid State Relay) to drive the rotation of cameras and turn digital input/output on/off. 

EVERLIGHT is also going to showcase key automotive and backlight products. EVERLIGHT integrates the professional teams of R&D, sales and marketing, together with the professional development energy accumulated for 33 more years, to continually pursue innovation and breakthrough with various impeccable product solutions available for customers.  

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