USAI Lighting Debuts Easy-To-Manage Products to Advance Quality Of Life in Healthcare, Hospitality and Residential Spaces

Dynamic lighting that changes throughout the day is no longer a conceptual dream for interior designers and architects. USAI Lighting – a global leader in LED lighting technology and manufacturing – is now serving up easy-to-manage lighting solutions for healthy, beautiful spaces of the future that change as dynamically as the lives and activities of their inhabitants.
The company is launching three new products - ColorID Complete, BeveLED Micro, and BeveLED Block - and one technology collaboration, Personalized lighting controls in pillow speakers, while also showcasing new applications for its award-winning portfolio of lighting technologies. The products debut at Lightfair International, the world’s top forum for new lighting products, on May 9 at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA in Booth # 701.
Get in the Mood
Leading the pack is ColorID_Complete, a curated selection of lighting scenes that identify with a person’s dynamic lighting needs. Over 170 color formulas developed in conjunction with a leading research institution are designed to support human lifestyle, health, work and recreation. Leveraging the Infinite Color+ and Color Select personalized lighting technologies by USAI Lighting, ColorID_Complete serves up light recipes for various scenarios including play, work, sleep and collaboration to name a few.
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End-users can now easily choose their own preferred lighting scenes, like the energy dose of a morning coffee, the focus in an examination room, and the romance of a dinner date from a unique USAI Lighting wall controller pre-programmed with 15 lighting scenes chosen by the user. ColorID_Complete is also available for simple integration into common architectural control systems. Building on USAI Lighting’s Personalized Lighting® platform, ColorID_Complete offers White Light Alchemy™, a customized white light recipe formulated to create an exciting mix of light based on users’ responses to qualitative and quantitative questions, exploring their lifestyle and taste preferences. With White Light Alchemy and ColorID_Complete, architects, designers and end-users can select from highly sophisticated, finely tuned lighting options to meet constantly changing chromatic needs.
“Previously, users had to go through tedious and time-consuming manuals with multiple controls to understand and have full control over their lighting technologies,” notes John Newman, Principal at Loop Lighting. “But with ColorID_Complete, designers and architects can enjoy high-quality lighting while also unlocking the full benefits of personalized color—transforming static light to something more dynamic that changes with the lives of those who use it. Light can now differentiate and define the individuality of every space and its owner.”
A Healthy Dose of Light
Taking personalized lighting to the people who need it most – patients in hospital rooms – USAI Lighting is working with Curbell Medical Products, Inc. to integrate personalized lighting technologies into Curbell Pillow Speakers. This intelligent control offers patients one-touch, simple access to tunable white light. By mimicking the latest healthcare design trends that bring the amenities and features of hospitality and residential settings into healthcare environments, this collaboration allows patients and caregivers to set lighting to warm temperatures that recreate a relaxing home atmosphere and then set cooler color temperatures to provide the visual acuity required in medical examinations and procedures.
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Patients and health practitioners will now be able to better support patients' healing and comfort, while providing circadian stimulus to boost their rest and well-being. Similar to ColorID_Complete, the controls from Curbell Medical boast a simplified user interface with options to activate personalized color technologies for comfort or to override settings for medical procedures.
A Micro Wonder
Rounding out a robust portfolio, BeveLED Micro stars as the smallest LED product offered by USAI Lighting, with a mere 1.25” aperture. Available as a downlight, adjustable or wallwash in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 light configurations, this small-but-mighty wonder is compatible with sheetrock, plaster, acoustical ceiling tile, millwork, and other ceiling application materials. What’s more, the product’s innovation is not limited to its minuscule size. Exceptionally powerful, BeveLED Micro delivers lumens with wattages ranging from 8W to 41W, allowing for easy, effortless illumination of intimate 8’ ceiling rooms as well as grand 25’ ceiling height spaces. BeveLED Micro provides a full array of possibilities with Classic White LED color temperatures ranging from a warm 2,700K to a cool 4,000K.
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Boasting a new linear form factor and a jewel-like presence, BeveLED Micro delivers on designers’ and architects’ aesthetic visions by allowing them to add elegant, refined touches to lobbies, corporate, hotels and residential spaces. BeveLED Micro offers design freedom to create original and unique patterns expanding the limits of imagination.
A Chip Off the Old Block
The Block family continues to grow in response to strong designer demands for more options. The BeveLED Block family now includes round shapes and pendants for both its square and round families. The architectural lighting solution’s unique design completely encloses surface-mounted junction boxes in concrete ceilings, supporting beautiful, modern spaces with high performing LED lighting. With LED downlight and wallwash options available, as well as Classic White and Warm Glow Dimming LED color options, architects and designers now have even greater opportunity to efficiently upgrade spaces and create a refined, smooth architectural finish for ceilings with surface-mounted conduits.
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According to Bonnie Littman, President and CEO of USAI Lighting, “Life is dynamic and lighting needs to be able to change with it. The technologies we’re bringing to market should now expand the public’s thinking on light from something that is a commodity taken for granted, to something that is personal and changes with our days.
Living with this powerful and dynamic lighting personally, has shown my family and me the importance of light that changes with our activities, moods, time of day and access to natural light. It is the new normal for us and anyone who has had the opportunity to live or work in an environment that feels so comfortable and right all the time. And these products are what lighting designers and professionals have been dreaming of—products that make the most sophisticated lighting technology accessible and easy to use, install and maintain, while delivering on a designer’s aesthetic and creative vision.”
For more information on ColorID_Complete, Personalized lighting controls in pillow speakers, BeveLED Micro, BeveLED Block and the entire USAI family of lighting products and technology visit
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