TILS 2018: Inno3D Taiwan Ltd. to Showcase LED Grow Lights

Inno3D Taiwan Ltd. was established in 2013.

We are experienced and strong in applying kinds of technologies, researching and develop outdoors waterproof LED grow light. It’s known that essential and effective spectrum light can it significantly do helps throughout whole plants’ growth cycle, majorly affect plants’ growing flowering, cropping time adjustment. We are proud that we are able to support our customers tailor made spectrum LED light bulb, Tubes, panel etc.,  Moreover, Inno3D also dedicate in related Agriculture accessories supply, deliver great advantages to farmers, contribute to Agricultural economy.   

 (Inno3D Taiwan Ltd.)

Presently, our clients in using Inno3D LED grow light have gained very good results in the procession of dragon fruit, flowers, the lettuce, the organization cultivates, the ice flower, the strawberry, the Shakya contour these high value crops. 

(Inno3D Taiwan Ltd.)

The importance of supplemental light in cropping

The energy source of photosynthesis is mainly comes from the chlorophyll and carotene absorption energy of light. Though two kinds of photosynthesis systems, it transforms the water and the carbon dioxide into the glucose and the oxygen. Therefore, provide plants the supplemental light during night time, it’s necessary to consider of plant type, choose effective specific light source (spectrum) to achieve adjust cropping goal.

(Inno3D Taiwan Ltd.)

Product characteristics

1. Customer Tailor Made LED grow lamp: Illumination on demand, according to the different plant, may apply the pure monochromatic light or the compound spectrum, and may concentrate the specific wave length the light, or evenly lighting the crops. We makes the best fit products to support our customers to fulfill their idea in LED grow lighting needs.

2. Economics: LED plant lamp life > 9000 hours. Under the same degree of illumination, LED lamp is much better in power saving, it’s in average the electricity consumption is approximate 40% - 50% in compare with florescent lamp.

3. Safe and Environment friendly: The non-glass material not easy to be broken and heart to human when handling. Also environmental friendly, no pollution to land.

Waterproof design in general is able to be sustained under heave raining day condition.  Advantageous for the storage and greatly minimize damage date in handling, transportations.

4. Patent waterproof and heat dissipation design: IP65 waterproof protect LED lamp is able working fine under moisture/ rainy area and may avoid the lamp circuit electric leakage, slows down the light fading .

SPD protection designs reach to 2.5KV, it is very much secure LED lamp is free from surge damage, it is important when electricity is coming from power generator which happened to supply unstable electricity, and cause surge current.

(Inno3D Taiwan Ltd.)

Product series:

A) At least developed 16 kinds spectrum LED chip for Verities spectrum LED grow lamp.   

B) 12W~15W outdoors waterproof LED grow light bulb

C) T8 various sizes waterproof LED light tube

D) 50W~300W LED PAR plant light for shed cultivation

E) Tailor made LED grow lamp, full spectrum or specific spectrum LED grow lamp, tube, panel, and also supply lighting apparatus for indoors and outdoors cultivations.

Inno3D has completed in the research and install LED grow lights in plant factory and shed cultivation.  Extend our cooperation with agricultural related industry cooperation and integrate field management technology to deliver diversity services to our clients.

Inno3D is planning to established few demonstration sites in Taiwan’s major agricultural regions around the island, to contribute and show out our rigid achievements in agricultural industry.  We are also working actively to extend our reach to various markets, domestic and internationally. 

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