Meet the Creators of High Brightness and Yellow LED | LEDforum 2011 Taipei

LEDforum, an annual and the largest LED conference in Taiwan, will again bring together the leading manufacturers, materials and component suppliers, technology innovators, and the lighting community. Analysts from LEDinside will share the latest reports on global LED market: both industry trends and market intelligence.
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Epistar Strengthened Market Position in China: Epicrystal’s Changzhou Plant Inaugurated

Recently, a plant of Epicrystal, a subsidiary of Taiwanese LED maker Epistar, in Changzhou, Jiangsu was officially inaugurated, underlying Epistar’s endeavor of making inroads into the Chinese market. The inauguration ceremony of Epicrystal Mr. Biing-Jye Lee, the Chairman of Epistar, addressed the audience. Mr. Biing-jye Lee, the Chairman of Epistar, indicated that the successful inauguration of the new plant attributed to the support from shareholders and the government. He hoped that Epicrystal’s new products are able to meet the market&r...
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Taiwan Epistar and Lite-On Technology Join Force with Konka to Form LED Venture

LED venture of US$120 million which has been co-opened by Taiwanese LED makers Epistar, and Lite-On Technology as well as TV maker Konka Group comes on stream in Changzou ,China on Sept. 23, 2011  Epistar has in the dominating position of the venture with a 60% stake. The venture is its first overseas and the biggest in mainland China capable of making epitaxy wafers and chips.Plus, this venture is its first that involves LED packager (Lite-On) and end-product maker (Konka) as co investors. At the same time, Lite-On owns a 30% stake and Konka hold...
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LED Lighting to Embrace a Bright Future over the Next Two Years

Accoding to Taiwan major LED manufacture Epistar and Everlight , LED Lighting is likely to play a key role over the next two years. Recently , J.Y. Fan, a vice president of Epistar, said at the SEMI Taiwan 2011, that the oversupply will compel LED makers to shift application emphasis to lighting, which is considered much more profitable as its market remains in the infant stage. Also, excessive supplies have driven down prices of LED devices, thereby reducing production costs of lighting products. Fan’s estimate revised previous thoughts that lighting...
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Everlight and Epistar Call on Taiwan Government’s Incentives to Strengthen LED Industry’s Statue

Taiwan’s top two LED makers Everlight and Epistar are both concerned about the loss of Taiwan’s LED Industry No.2 rank. Both of the two makers,believe that Taiwan is likely to be unseated by South Korea this year based on the lack of government incentives to consumers of LED lamps. Y.F. Yeh, chairman of Everlight, pointed out that mainland China and South Korea are poised to surpass Taiwan in LED production as a result of government subsidy to LED-lighting consumers. He noted that Taiwan’s LED industry has developed for nearly ...
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Taiwan`s Major LED Munafacturers Share Their Views on LED Lighting

Recently, Taiwan`s major LED munafacturers including Chairman Y.F. Yeh of Everlight, Chairman B.J. Lee of Epistar and Delta Electronics executives have show their views for the LED lighting industry at the Photonics Festival Taiwan 2011. According to Epistar`s Lee , the efficiency of LED lamps previously forecast to be achieved in 2015 will be reached in 2012, based on buyers from the world come to mostly purchase LED lamps at this show . For Everlight`s Yeh, he believes that the March 11 catastrophe reminds people of the importance of nuclear power ...
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ERC Strengthens Partnerships for LED Marketplace

Reportedly, the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Centre (ERC) led by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,  has set up 21 key industrial partners including Osram Sylvania and Taiwan-based Epistar to help guide the centre’s leading-edge research programs and hasten the transition of important innovations from the lab bench to the marketplace. The ERC is led by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It is dedicated to developing new LED technologies and applications for smarter, better-performing lighting devices and systems. At present, the ERC team i...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from B.J. Lee, Chairman of Epistar

Epistar is a Taiwan-based professional LED chipmaker. In recent years, it has been quite active with a series of M&A and joint-venture strategies, making it the leader of Taiwan chipmakers. LEDinside is privileged to have invited B.J. Lee, its chairman to share Epistar’s business experiences and strategies.
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Epistar and Everlight Posted Lackluster Revenue Results in April

Taiwan`s major LED maker posted lukewarm revenue records last mounth, sliping 2.74% from a month earlier, to NT$1.69 billion (US$59.2 million at US$1: NT$28.6); Everlight scoring 0.3% less revenue with NT$1.42 billion (US$49.6 million); and Edison Opto reporting a 3.2% contraction to NT$249 million (US$8.7 million). Executives from Epistar estimated the company`s gross margin for April to stand above 25% while the company itself estimated its monthly gross margin to surge 30%. Industry executives estimated packager Everlight`s revenue for the second quarter ...
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Epistar Gave Its First Supplier Award to Dow Electronic Materials

The Metalorganic Technologies business of Dow Electronic Materials of Philadelphia, PA, USA (a business unit of Dow Advanced Materials) has received Epistar’s first Supplier Award. Dow was recognized for “ensuring the supply of precursor materials, improving product quality, providing excellent material and process support for manufacturing, offering superior customer communications and achieving high customer satisfaction”. Epistar’s chairman Dr BJ Lee upon presenting the award on 30 March at its facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan, commented...
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Aixtron Received Orders of Its G5 HT Reactors from Epistar

Taiwan Epistar has ordered Aixtron G5 HT reactors in a 14x4-inch configuration for high brightness LEDs. Aixtron G5 HT reactor is a further endorsement of G5´s very rapid time-to-production and excellent system-to-system reproducibility. Ming-Jiunn Jou, President of Epistar, was please with the new reactors and thought that it will form the backbone of their planned capacity expansion for their high brightness LED production program. It’s said that the systems are delivered in the first and second quarter of 2011. Aixtron´s local support tea...
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Epistar Teams up with Delta to Set Up Epi Wafer Factory in Guangzhou

Reportedly, Epistar has intended to inject US$75 million to set up an epitaxy wafer factory in Guangzhou of mainland China with Delta Electronics. The joint venture calls for total investment of US$210 million, with Epistar set to pay 70% and Delta to pay the remainder. And it is another collaboration deal after the cooperation on high-voltage LED technology. It’s estimated that the joint venture will give a boost to both companies’ goal of becoming heavyweight LED lighting suppliers in the mainland.  ...
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Taiwanese LED Company May Benefit from Japan`s Post-earthquake Reconstruction

According to institutional investors, based on the Japanese government will focus more on use of renewable energy and LEDs after the destructive catastrophe, Taiwanese LED industry may benefit from Japan`s post-earthquake reconstruction . Due to the massive earthquake and the recent nuclear power crisis in Japan, it’s likely to concentrate on the use of renewable energy and green products. It’s estimated that the post-earthquake reconstruction will cost the country several trillion Japanese yen and LEDs will be increasingly needed in Japan. As a result, T...
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Everlight, Epistar and China Electronics Corp. Jointly Build China's Biggest Integrated LED Factory

Aiming at tapping mainland China LED lighting market further, Everlight is reported to pour US$10.8 million to acquire approximately 9% ownership in an LED venture co-held by Epistar and China Electronics Corp. (CEC). Among the partners, CEC holds a 44% stakes in the venture, outnumbering Epistar`s 40% ownership. The venture is designated to supply CEC all of the chips it makes. And according to Epistar executives, besides the venture, Epistar will be another chip supplier of CEC.The venture will contract Everlight to package its chips for CEC back...
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Epistar Teams up with Delta Electronics to Bulid Guangzhou LED Wafer Plant

It’s reported that Taiwanese LED chip maker Epistar will team up with Delta Electronics to build an LED wafer and chip plant in Guangzhou. And The new facility is expected to engage in the development, manufacture and sale of upstream LED wafers and chips after it starts operating in 2012. It’s said that the two partners will invest a total of NT$3.63 billion (US$125 million) in the first phase. Epistar will hold a 70 percent stake and Delta Electronics will own 30 percent. In the second phase of the development, they will seek new partners from th...
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Apple Booked Epistar’s LED Backlights for iPad

Reportedly, Taiwan LED maker Epistar has acquired Apple’s order for LED backlights for use in iPad. Benefiting from increasing LED applications in TV, notebook PCs and lightings, Epistar confirmed that its production lines have been fully booked by contract orders till this June. This secures the firm strong growth momentum in sales and shipments in the first half of 2011.  ...
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Taiwan Delta Electronics’ LED Mass Production Plan in 2011

Reportedly, Taiwan Delta Electronics made a plan to roll out a total of 62 LED lighting products under 29 series and three intelligent control systems in 2011. Additionally, the company has been partnered with Epistar to develop 800-lumen, 8W warm-white LED light bulbs and intended to turn out these new products on a large scale as well as to sale in the first quarter of 2011.  ...
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LED chipmakers Epistar, Tekcore, and Amtran reported December revenues

LED chipmaker Epistar's revenues for December were NT$1.44 billion (US$49.24 million), dropped 13% compared to November. The revenues for the full year in 2010 reached NT$19.76 billion, up 55% from 2009.
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Epistar continued to expand its capacity though issuing US$280 million ECBs

Recently, LED chipmaker Epistar decided to issue euro convertible bonds (ECBs) worth US$280 million, with using for paying back previous US dollar-based loans and for future equipment purchases. Epistar noted, although it’s said LED industry would display over supply in 2011, the company remained optimistic about the future potential LED market growth, and was ready for capacity expansion for future demand. In the LED lighting market, the company planed to expand its capacity to meet continuing growing demand.
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Epistar to Benefit from China’s New Clean Energy Promotion Campaign

China's central government held its first-ever open tender for LED products in November. 28 Chinese-funded companies have won the bid, and many of them have promised to use Epistar's crystalline grains, which means that Epistar grasped the opportunity to join the government-funded green light projects.
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Epistar、 Formosa and Everlight’s employee bonuses was expected to increase compared to 2009

The full-year revenues for Taiwan-based LED chip maker Epistar was expected to reach NT$20 billion in 2010, up 50% compared to 2009. And Net income for 2010 will range from NT$5.5-6 billion. Meanwhile, the company would take NT$800 million for the employee bonuses, and everyone would receive over NT$200,000 on average, with 3,700 employees. Also, Epistar planed to raise salaries by 8% on average.
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Epistar estimated LED lighting's market penetration would reach 20-30% in 2012

At the recent Beijing-Taiwan Science and Technology Forum held in Taichung, Taiwan, a leader of Taiwan-based LED chip maker Epistar said, if production cost of lighting-grade LED chips would fall to US$1/500lm in the next 2-3 years, LED lighting's market penetration would reach 20-30% in 2012.
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LED TV Becomes the Star Product of 2010 Electronics Industry

According to Mike Bryant, CTO of Future Horizons at the Industry Forecast Seminar 2010 in London, LED TVs is the star product of the electronics industry this year. Bryant’s opinion was mainly based on the picture quality of LED TVs which is far superior to traditional LCD TV.
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LED chipmaker revenues substantial growth would take place in March. Of 2011

LED chipmaker Epistar November revenues decreased to NT$1.663 billion (US$55.161 million), down 2.8% sequentially but up 26.4% from 2009. Revenues from January through November grew 60.16% on year to NT$18.327 million.
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Epistar Teamed up with China Electronics Corp

Taiwan LED chipmaker Epistar has teamed up with China Electronics Corp (CEC), one of China’s state-owned conglomerates, to set up a joint venture, aiming at tapping into an expected boom in demand for LEDs across the Strait.
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Epistar refuted setting up a new joint venture in china with Lumens and Hanso LCD

Recently, LED chipmaker Epistar thought those reports was a rumor, that Epistar, Lumens and backlight unit (BLU) maker Hansol LCD would set up a joint venture in eastern China, with 10 billion won (US$8.84 million), 30 billion won and 10 billion won investment respectively. Epistar spokesman Chang Shie-Shien noted that Epistar hadn』t known anything about the deal and nothing related to it was being discussed.
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Epistar and Formosa’ LED backlighting orders started to pick up in November

Taiwan LED chipmaker Epistar and Formosa Epitaxy, LED backlighting started to pick up in November 2010 and would increase in March 2011, with the vendors completing inventory adjustments. Epistar indicated that vendors had begun to order production with completing inventory adjustments, especially from Korea-based packaging houses.
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Epistar to Benefit from Its Reinvestment in Nan Ya Photonics

Taiwan LED chip Supplier Epistar has acquired a 40% stake in Nan Ya Photonics for NT$1 billion to support the reinvested company for the output expansion. According to Epistar`s president, M.J. Chou, the reinvestment will pay off in 2011, when Epistar can secure expanded supply of LED lightings through Nan Ya Photonics.
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Taiwan Epistar Makes a Breakthrough on HV White LED

Taiwan LED manufacturer Epistar has designed a High-Voltage (HV) chip that enables the cold white LED to reach 162 lm/W. The new HV-LED features less power consumption and higher wall plug efficiency because of its robust new high voltage chip design. The flexibility of voltage and current adjustment of HV-LED can simplify the LED package and circuit design so that its overall efficiency is enhanced.
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APT: Flip Chip Technologies Boost the High Power HB LED Market

LEDinside has recently conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Guowei Xiao, APT’s Managing Director, who explained why the price of APT’s high power HB LED chips goes against the price downtrend.
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Some homeowners, commercial systems managers and outdoor lighting management companies have looked warily at smart lighting, in light of its being seen as a major departure from what was required for lighting control in the past. They need not... READ MORE

For the LED driver product line, wide AC voltage input range (180 ~ 528VAC) HVGC family, MEAN WELL now launches HVGC-650 series to offer more choices of high power products.