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  • Business Type: Production and processing
  • Primary Business: Insulated metal substrates
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$7.00 Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Product issuing date:2010-08-05
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HeaThru is a revolutionary PCB technology based on DLC (diamond-like carbon) films, SinoDiamond LED`s innovative product designed for high-brightness LED products. DLC is a highly thermal conductive material that has much higher heat dissipation performance than conventional MCPCB substrate which rely on an insulation layer (epoxy/fillers) that is thermally insulating as well. The most significant performance advantages of HeaThru is superior thermal spreading and thermal conductivity, which at 475 W/mk is 100-times higher than conventional MCPCB fillers. This results in significant improvements on the lifetime, reliability, stability, and light intensity achievable for LED lighting products.

. HeaThruTM MCPCB Technology Features

Ultra-high thermal conductivity (K = 475 W/mk) Superior thermal spreading, resulting in module temperature uniformity for improved reliability and lifetime High breakdown voltage and electrical resistance makes it an ideal insulator for high-performance applications Significantly improved lumen output and light intensity maintenance over conventional MCPCB Superior thermal and chemical stability which does not react to the environment, unlike epoxy-based substrates which can be affected by moisture and impurities DLC thin-film technology has high material strength, high anti-corrosion, and high thermal conductivity. DLC can be used to replace the epoxy/ filler insulation layer of conventional MCPCB DLC can be directly deposited onto various substrates and does not need epoxy for copper adhesion DLC films utilize a low-cost inline deposition process that can be made to fit large format (> 1m) substrates for extremely high volume production