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ZLED7015 1.0MHz Boost Send inquiry

Manufacturer ZMDI

Brief Description

The ZLED7015, one of our ZLED family of LED
control ICs, is a constant current boost converter
with an internal high-power 35V switch. It is optimal
for driving multiple white LEDs connected in
series so that the LED current is uniform for better
brightness and color control. It can also drive
devices that require a constant voltage and is
capable of operating efficiently with voltage
supplies ranging from 6VDC to 30VDC. It is ideal
for diverse lighting applications requiring low supply
voltages such as SELV applications. Typically,
smaller, less expensive external components can
be used since the ZLED7015 switches at 1.0MHz
The ZLED7015 output current is adjustable via an
external current sense resistor RS connected from
the FB pin to ground.
The ZLED7015 improves efficiency and minimizes
power losses in the current setting resistor RS by
use of an internal 0.3V feedback reference voltage.
Dimming can be controlled using a pulse-width
modulation (PWM) waveform or a DC voltage
applied to the FB pin.
The ZLED7015 provides a “soft-start” function to
prevent excessive in-rush current on start-up and
ensures a controlled rise of the output voltage.
Over-voltage protection is adjustable via external
resistors R1 and R2.

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