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  • Business Type: Production and processing
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$600.00 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product issuing date:2015-06-30
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Manufacturer Shenzhen D-King Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

 High Tech P10 Full Color Outdoor Led Display Boards for Advertising Media



Brief Introduction to P10 Outdoor Led Display Boards:

P10 outdoor led display boards are large and high-tech electronic signs integrated with video technology, computer and network technology and super-large-scale integrated circuit application technology. With such features as perfect displaying effect, low power consumption, long service life, large real time and dynamic advertising and higher business advertising value, electronic message signs have become the new favorite of the media publicity in the information time.


Unique Advantages of P10 Electronic Advertising Signs:

1. Sensitization control system: According to the change of the outside light, the brightness of the electronic advertising signs can be automatically adjusted, thus saving electricity and running cost.

2. High refresh rate and high grey scale: The displayed pictures are more vivid, thus satisfying the requirement for high visual quality.

3. Dual backup system: Two computers control one electronic display sign at the same time, so when one computer fails, the other one will automatically take over to ensure the electronic display sign work normally. In addition, the maintenance and repair parts are modular design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance.

4. Highly effectively optical fiber transmission system: This system effectively reduce the phenomenon of signal delay due to long transmission distance, thus ensuring the consistency of the displayed pictures.